Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation

20 CPE Points
2 Learning Credits

Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation

Along with ICH-GCP, the essential foundation stones for everyone working in the clinical research industry, and/or for individuals who have already completed foundation level training/certification and are looking to formally evidence their competence with an internationally recognized accreditation to help them advance or move into a clinical research career.

Accreditation Outline

The Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation is a key foundation stone for everyone working in clinical research, regardless of their role.

Participants who successfully achieve this accreditation can demonstrate to employers and the industry that they have a solid understanding of the clinical research landscape and evidenced their competence in the key foundation areas required by all clinical research professionals.  Other professionals involved in clinical research may also find this accreditation beneficial in terms of enhancing their career and increasing employability.

This accreditation is highly valuable for everyone working in  clinical research, or for those looking to step into a clinical research career after completing foundational level training*.

This independently accredited program uses assessment criteria mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education developed by UNESCO, which is recognizable by educational establishments and employers globally.


1)  Please note that IAOCR does not provide training. The purpose of our accreditations is to competence verify individuals who have received training through another provider, and/or gained the necessary ‘on the job’ experience to complete the accreditation assessment. (See entry requirements for further details). 

2)  All our accreditation programs are developed from global core competency frameworks ratified by the industry for that specific role. However, they do not assess competency in local/country laws or regulations that may be applicable to your role in your region/country. Please ensure that you take responsibility to be competent in any relevant local/country legislation in addition to receiving IAOCR international accreditation.

What does the Accreditation assessment involve?

After program registration and enrolment, you will be sent a link by email to access your online assessment portal. You will normally receive this link one working day before your program start date.  The assessment is a series of multiple-choice questions designed to test your competence in the key foundation areas of clinical research (See Entry Requirements). This assessment becomes your ‘Portfolio of Evidence’.

Upon completion of your assessment, your portfolio will be sent to the IAOCR Assessment team for review and independent verification. If you have successfully passed the accreditation you will be awarded the following:

  • Certificate of Accreditation
  • Professional Accreditation Mark displaying your award date and your unique registration number
  • 2 Accredited Learning Credits and 20 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) points

How long will it take to complete the assessment?

On average, the assessment takes 1 to 2 hours to complete.  You can complete the assessment in your own time, but you must ensure that your final submission adheres to the deadline for assessment submission according to your program start date (see table in Program Registration section).


Entry Requirements

Before enrolling on the Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation program, it is important you confirm that your career and/or educational and training background has provided you with the necessary experience and knowledge to complete the competence assessment areas listed below.  Please ensure that you have self-certified your ability to complete the accreditation assessment before enrolling on the program:

  • Key requirements in conducting clinical trials from start up to close out
  • Clinical trial regulatory and ethical requirements
  • Consent, reporting processes and maintenance of data integrity in clinical trials
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Quality management processes and practices involved in clinical trials
  • An understanding of the investigational medicinal product and its appropriate management
  • Stakeholder management within a clinical trial
  • An understanding of decentralized trials


£ 150.00

*If you require an invoice please email once you have your booking confirmation

NOTE: This program can also be purchased as part of a package (the Foundations Package) which also includes the ICH-GCP Accreditation.  Successfully completing both the ICH-GCP and Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation leads to the award of F-IAOCR Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Professional status. To view the Foundations Package Program click here.

Registration Dates

The cohort registration dates for the Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation are listed below:

Award of Accreditation Certificates and electronic Accreditation Marks normally happens within 4 weeks of program start date.

If your preferred start date is not currently listed below, you can register your interest and we will contact you when registration opens. Please contact us clearly stating which program you are interested in.

Registration Dates Program Start Date Deadline for Assessment Submission
Register up to 02 Feb 2024 07 Feb 2024 14 Feb 2024
Register up to 01 Mar 2024 06 Mar 2024 13 Mar 2024
Register up to 05 Apr 2024 10 Apr 2024 17 Apr 2024
Register up to 03 May 2024 08 May 2024 15 May 2024
Register up to 07 Jun 2024 12 Jun 2024 19 Jun 2024
Register up to 05 Jul 2024 10 Jul 2024 17 Jul 2024
Register up to 02 Aug 2024 07 Aug 2024 14 Aug 2024
Register up to 06 Sep 2024 11 Sep 2024 18 Sep 2024
Register up to 04 Oct 2024 09 Oct 2024 16 Oct 2024
Register up to 01 Nov 2024 06 Nov 2024 13 Nov 2024
Register up to 06 Dec 2024 11 Dec 2024 18 Dec 2024


NOTE: Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale for IAOCR Accreditation Programs, as this contains important information about program completion, cancellations and deferrals. You will be asked to confirm that you have read these before completing the purchase check out process.