UK Clinical Trials Talent Taskforce 2023

Joint Taskforce Launches to Conduct Broadest Ever Review of UK Clinical Trials Talent Solutions

The UK Clinical Trials Talent Taskforce (UK CTTT) launched in August 2023 to support the development of a best-in-class holistic ecosystem for talent attraction, development, professional recognition and retention; supporting the UK’s aim of being a world-class destination for clinical research.

The collaboration between the NHS R&D Forum and IAOCR is a direct response to the recently published Lord O’Shaughnessy’s review on Commercial Clinical Trials in the UK which called for “exceptional best practice” to become the norm so that patients, the NHS and the UK as a whole can benefit.

The taskforce will utilise existing products and services from the UK’s expert provider network to “grow our own” talent; leveraging and supporting high-quality solutions from both UK commercial and non-commercial solutions to best service the community’s needs.  The taskforce will focus purely on the roles of clinical trial site staff working in the UK across the NHS and commercial sector.

In the spirit of Lord O’Shaughnessy’s report and in support of it, the purpose of this Taskforce is to:

  • Seek out existing work that has been completed or is currently in development across the whole of the UK clinical trials landscape.
  • Identify best-in-class solutions across the whole of the UK – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
  • Make recommendations for a joined-up, best-in-class ecosystem (encompassing both public and private sector) to support cradle to grave career pathways. Regional differences and levelling-up recommendations will also be included.
  • Provide a gap analysis and recommendations for development of new solutions, where existing high-quality solutions do not already exist.
  • Consider the recommendations HM Government Response to Professor Dame Angela McLean’s Pro-Innovation Regulation of Technologies Review, Life Sciences, with particular regard to secondments.
  • Deliver a report containing recommendations and an action plan to the industry and to UK Parliamentarians


Joint Chairs

Dace Dimza-Jones

Angela Topping

NHS R&D Forum Executive and Head of Newcastle Joint Research Office (NJRO)

“The recent O’Shaughnessy and McLean reviews both recognise that the design, delivery and implementation clinical research is complex and multi-disciplinary. We need a systems-wide approach to ensure that we have career pathways which support and nurture our clinical research talent to benefit the UK as a whole.

The NHS R&D Forum is excited to be partnering with IAOCR in leading this taskforce and working with key opinion leaders from the UK R&D system to increase opportunities for patients, participants, and the public to take part in research”


Jacqueline Johnson North

Jacqueline Johnson North

Chief Executive of IAOCR (International Accrediting Organisation for Clinical Research) and GCSA (Global Clinical Site Accreditation)

“I’m delighted to Co-Chair the UK CTTT with the NHS R&D Forum.  In support of Lord O’Shaughnessy’s proposal for the UK Government to double the numbers of people participating in commercial clinical trials in the next 2 years and double it again by 2027, we’re focused on helping the UK to deliver the “exceptional best practice” that has been called for so that patients, the NHS and the UK as a whole can benefit.  This requires an exceptional workforce enabled by exceptional education, career development and professional recognition.

The UK possesses a plethora of talent solutions across the private and public sector, but the current offer is fragmented and it is difficult for people to enter the industry and to navigate a professional career pathway.  Our ambition is to identify a holistic, world-class talent solution by bringing together the products and service already in existence, and to identify where gaps exist.”

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Pre-Employment : Clinical Research Opportunities & Education (up to & incl. QCF L6)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Rupi Bancil

SVP Global Study Operations & Expansion – Care Access

Dace Dimza-Jones

Bernie Pearson 

Head of HSC Northern Ireland Research and Development Governance

Jaqueline Johnson North

Bridie Rowbotham TBC

UK Head of Sites – FutureMeds

Jaqueline Johnson North

Gerry Trillana TBC

Research Matron – Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Clinical Research Facilities for Experimental Medicine

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Early Talent Pipeline : Attraction, Recruitment & Gateways into a Clinical Research Career

Jaqueline Johnson North

Simon Denegri TBC

Executive Director – Academy of Medical Sciences / Chair of Clinical Trial Units, Nationally

Dace Dimza-Jones

Amrita Johal

Clinical Trials Specialist Apprentice – Syneos Health 

Jaqueline Johnson North

Anthea Mould 

Director of Organisational Development and Learning – NIHR CRN CC

Jaqueline Johnson North

Stuart Britton

Executive Director – Barrington James

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Early Talent Pipeline : Onboarding, Development & Retention (incl. apprenticeships)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Sarah Everitt 

Vice President Operations – IAOCR

Dace Dimza-Jones

Dr Lyne Jossé

Senior Lecturer, Director of Studies for Clinical Trials Specialist, Global and Lifelong Learning, Lifelong Learning – University of Kent

Jaqueline Johnson North

Jayne Goodwin

National Head of Research Delivery Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals – Health and Care Research Wales

Jaqueline Johnson North

Euan Dick TBC

Head of the Chief Scientist Office – Scottish Government

Jaqueline Johnson North

Kieran Prior

Network Engagement Lead – ECMC Programme Office

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Experienced Talent : Attraction Career Development & Retention (incl. trf skills & secondments)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Janice Bailie

Assistant Director HSC Northern Ireland Research and Development Division

Dace Dimza-Jones

Karen McIntyre 

VP Global Site Alliances – Parexel

Jaqueline Johnson North

Paul Brown

Director, UK CRF

Jaqueline Johnson North

Julia Brown TBC

Director – UK CRC Registered Clinical Trials Unit Network

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Competence Frameworks for Clinical Trial Site Staff (clinical research specific competencies)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Kate Greenwood

Senior Improvement Delivery Manager – Health Research Authority

Dace Dimza-Jones

Suki Balendra

Director of Strategic Partnerships – Paddington Life Sciences Life sciences & Lead for NIHR CRN North West London.

Jaqueline Johnson North

Sarah Watson

Vice President Clinical Operations – Syneos Health 

Jaqueline Johnson North

Vicky Toms (nee Eyre)

UK Director of Clinical Trials – Re:Cognition Health 

Jaqueline Johnson North

Mahadev Ramajee TBC

Medical Director – Panthera

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Competence Acquisition and Development: ICH-GCP (incl. but not limited to training programmes)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Anthony Wilkinson

Director of Operations –  Research Quality Association (RQA)

Dace Dimza-Jones

Gail Melvin

Research Business Manager – NIHR PRC (Leicester)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Martin Johnson

Medical Director – Future Meds UK and Medical Director – St Pancras Clinical Research 


Jaqueline Johnson North

Jason Wakelin-Smith

Expert GCP Inspector – MHRA

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Competence Acquisition and Development: Clinical Research Skills  (incl. but not limited to training programmes)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Trish Parry 

Independent Consultant – Otus Clinical

Dace Dimza-Jones

Stuart Hatcher TBC

UK Prime Sites Director – IQVIA

Jaqueline Johnson North

Allyson Bailey

Training Lead – NHS R&D Forum

Jaqueline Johnson North

Peter Thompson TBC

Director of Academy Programmes – NIHR

Jaqueline Johnson North

Eleanor Mitchell

Chair – UK Trial Managers Network

Sub-Taskforce Leads for Competence Verification, Accreditation and Professional Recognition (non-academic, pragmatic standards. QCF L3 approx)

Jaqueline Johnson North

Colette Donaghy

Accreditation Quality Manager – IAOCR 

Dace Dimza-Jones

Alison Lloyd

Director of Training and Development – ARMA

Jaqueline Johnson North

Matthew Snape

Senior Director of Strategic Operations UK – Moderna

Jaqueline Johnson North

Clare Madden

Clinical Operations Director – Gilead

Jaqueline Johnson North

Janice Patterson TBC

Workforce Strategy Lead – NIHR CRN CC