Advance Your CRA Career: International Professional Status with Clinical Research Associate Accreditation from the World Leader in Clinical Research Certification

Become a world-class Clinical Research Associate and boost your employability in the global clinical research industry with the gold-standard Q-IAOCR Accreditation. It validates your competence, reassuring sponsors, CROs, and patients of your adherence to global best practices.

80 CPE Points and 8 Internationally Valid Learning Credits

"IAOCR's robust assessment standards strengthen research quality and validity. The rigorous process provided valuable insights. Highly recommended for those committed to patient safety and data integrity."

Kate McGirr, Senior Clinical Research Associate, Q-IAOCR CRA

"Completing this accreditation was a major career milestone. It enhanced my clinical research skills and validated my expertise. The challenging assessment was rewarding, expanding my knowledge and confidence."

Priyanka Ovhal, Senior Clinical Research Associate

Key Benefits

International Recognition

Demonstrates your ability to meet international quality standards

Elevated Professional Status

Certified by IAOCR, the world leader in clinical research competence verification

Increased Employability

IAOCR Certified CRAs are respected and trusted globally

Entry Requirements

  • The CRA exam is designed for experienced CRAs or those with relevant experience in a related role; it does not include any training. Therefore, before enrolling, you must self-certify that your career background and experience align with the competency areas assessed in the accreditation exam
  • Before enrolling, you must self-certify that you have the necessary background and experience to complete the following competency assessment areas. Note: This program does not include training – it validates your competence as a CRA working in accordance with ICH-GCP

Accreditation Process

  • Online Assessment: Includes multiple-choice questions and scenario-based questions requiring free text answers
  • Certification: Receive your Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Accreditation Mark within 6 weeks of submission

CRA and ICH-GCP Competency Areas

  • Legislation and regulation of clinical trials
  • Ethics and ICH-GCP
  • Rights and wellbeing of patients in a clinical trial
  • Managing site and investigator relationships
  • Principles of clinical study management
  • Principles of clinical trial site management
  • Principles of pharmacovigilance
  • Principles of data management
  • Document control and record keeping (including TMF/eTMF)
  • Management of the investigational medicinal product (IMP)
  • Principles of contracts and financial management
  • Principles of quality assurance and quality control
  • The Declaration of Helsinki
  • Protection of rights, safety and wellbeing of clinical trial participants
  • Ethics committee/Institutional Review Board (IRB) roles in clinical trials
  • Regulatory Authorities and their roles in clinical trial inspections
  • Importance of data integrity and patient confidentiality in a clinical trial
  • Experience and qualifications required by study staff in clinical trials
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in relation to the Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP)
  • Randomization and unblinding in a clinical trial

Program Highlights

Global Industry Recognition

Developed and endorsed with global industry experts

International Professional Recognition

Mapped to UNESCO’s International Standard Classification of Education framework. 80 CPE Points and 8 Internationally Valid Learning Credits

Independent Verification

IAOCR’s unique 2-step verification ensures the most robust accreditation and respected accreditation in the industry

Comprehensive Assessment

Validates essential core global competencies for CRAs and ICH-GCP

Professional Certification

Double Certified Status: with CRA and ICH-GCP accreditation. Earn the title of Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Associate (Q-IAOCR)

The Global CRA Standard

This certification will truly set you apart in your profession

Enroll Now

Internationally Qualified CRA Accreditation

Registration dates:

  • July 2024 Cohort: Register by 23 Jul, start on 25 Jul, submit by 22 Aug
  • September 2024 Cohort: Register by 17 Sep, start on 19 Sep, submit by 17 Oct
  • November 2024 Cohort: Register by 12 Nov, start on 14 Nov, submit by 12 Dec
  • January 2025 Cohort: Register by 07 Jan, start on 09 Jan, submit by 16 Feb
  • March 2025 Cohort: Register by 04 Mar, start 06 Mar, submit by 03 Apr

Our Shared Commitment to the Industry

IAOCR is unique in providing internationally accepted accreditation, certification, and training quality assurance. We are trusted by professionals, sites, and companies in over 40 countries.

Our industry-leading solutions are developed and monitored in collaboration with key global industry stakeholders. We are committed to fostering best practices and a culture of continuous improvement. We work with some of the world’s leading employers and training companies, offering bespoke quality assurance solutions to support a joint mission of quality improvement.

IAOCR Credentials and Quality Assurance

  • Mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education Framework developed by UNESCO
  • Mapped to relevant Core Global Competency Frameworks
  • Dual-stage assessment and verification of competence
  • Participants awarded IAOCR Internationally Qualified Professional Status
  • Combined award of 8 x internationally valid learning credits + 80 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Points (for CRA and ICH-GCP double accreditation)

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the CRA Accreditation Developed?

The Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Associate (Q-IAOCR) professional standard was developed in conjunction with global clinical research experts from across the industry. This independently accredited program uses assessment criteria mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education developed by UNESCO. The accreditation exam is underpinned by the core competency frameworks ratified by the industry; it enables successful participants to achieve accreditation and international professional recognition as a ‘world-class’ Clinical Research Associate.

Individuals must provide evidence that they can demonstrate all the relevant core competencies expected of a competent Clinical Research Associate. The accreditation process is focused on ensuring someone has the skills, knowledge and behaviors to fulfil their role safely and credibly, measured against a set of robust accredited assessment criteria which have been developed from the core competency framework validated by the industry.

What does the Accreditation assessment involve?

Once you have enrolled, normally one working day before the program start date, you will be sent a link to access your online assessment portal. The assessment is a blend of multiple-choice questions, questions requiring free text answers and scenarios designed to assess your competence as a Clinical Research Associate. Upon completion of your assessment, your answers will be submitted to the IAOCR Assessment team for review and independent verification.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Assessment?

On average, the CRA Accreditation assessment takes up to 4 hours to complete for an experienced CRA. The ICH-GCP Accreditation assessment (which is completed separately) takes up to 1 hour.

You can complete the assessments in your own time (within the timeframe provided) and you do not have to complete it all at once as you will have access to your portal until the submission deadline. You must ensure that your final submission adheres to the deadline for assessment submission according to your program start date (see table in program registration section).


What will I receive if I successfully pass the accreditation?
  • A Certificate of Accreditation
  • A Professional Accreditation Mark (displaying your award date, unique registration number and the title of your accreditation)
  • The Designatory letters Q-IAOCR – Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Associate
  • Note: Accreditation documents are normally awarded within 6 weeks of assessment submission
What are the Entry Requirements?

The CRA accreditation exam is aimed at experienced clinical research professionals (with relevant experience as a CRA or a related role) seeking professional recognition, no training is included. Therefore, before enrolling for the accreditation, you will need to self-certify that your career background and experience aligns with the competency areas that will be assessed in the accreditation assessment process.

I already have CRA Certification with another provider – why do I need this?
7. The Q-IAOCR Accreditation for Clinical Research Associates compliments and enhances any other CRA Certifications or CRA Credentials you may hold. IAOCR accreditations are the only clinical research certifications in the industry that provide formal international professional recognition due to the way they are developed (with the global industry) and mapped to the International International Standard Classification of Education framework developed by UNESCO. The unique 2 step assessment and independent verification process makes IAOCR accreditations the most robust in the industry, which is why certification with IAOCR can elevate you to the highest professional status.