Industry Leaders Think Tank

What is the IAOCR Industry Leaders Think Tank?

Industry Leaders Think Tank

The Industry Leaders Think Tank is a unique, invitation-only meeting exclusively for senior industry leaders and nominated directors from the clinical research industry. It brings together respected decision makers and change agents to ensure that discussions are meaningful and that learnings and outcomes can be taken back into organizations to add value and inspire change.

Since launching in 2011 our focus has been on improving standards globally. We are delighted the Think Tank enables leaders from around the world to come together for networking, high-level discussions and debate.

The IAOCR Industry Leaders Think Tank has hosts senior clinical research industry leaders, regulators, parliamentarians and experts. Speakers at these Think Tanks have included the UK Shadow Health Minister and senior executives from commercial and non-commercial organizations from around the world.

If you’re a change maker that can inspire action in others we’d love to hear from you!


Videos from IAOCR

Watch the highlights from our most recent Think Tank in the video below:
Site Best Practice & Innovations – Clinical Research Industry Leaders Think Tank 2022 (Windsor, UK)

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Videos from IAOCR

29 September 2016

Videos from IAOCR

14 September 2017

What Industry Leaders Say About IAOCR

“I would absolutely recommend IAOCR. In all my dealings with them I’ve found them to be highly professional, extremely focused, and I’ve been delighted to be a member of the Executive Advisory Board and part of the Workforce Quality Accreditation program. I think [IAOCR accreditation] has the real potential to be adopted across the industry. The fact that there is an accreditation process where none existed before, we are looking at common competencies that work across academia, across CRO and pharma. This is something to be absolutely celebrated!”

Graham Belgrave – Chief Operating Officer, Cmed Clinical Services

“I would absolutely recommend IAOCR. They’ve really helped us over the last couple of years, re-organize the way we deliver training. I think the way they go about their business is very diligent, it’s quite strict, which I think you need when you’re setting up levels of competence for the industry. IAOCR have really helped us shape out thoughts around competence over the last four or five years.”

Alistair MacDonald – CEO, Syneos Health

“I think they’re really shaping the industry, they were the primary and first people speaking about competency….IAOCR are the frontier of how we should be evaluating clinical research professionals. It’s the wave of the future and I;d like to see the industry embrace it as a whole.”

Elizabeth Edwards – Independent Consultant (Formerly Biomat)