IAOCR Certified Academy Partners

What is an IAOCR Certified Academy Partner?

This partnership approach is suitable for those organizations who provide clinical research training/education to external delegates/participants (as well as internal employees where applicable).

IAOCR Certified Academy Partners work with us to develop training program(s) and competence assessments that are fully IAOCR accredited. The training programs and the trainers delivering those programs are quality assured and all learners going through the programs complete the accreditation assessment in order to achieve IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status.


Partner with us and become part of a internationally recognized quality assurance system that will:

  • Expand your business
  • Enhance your brand & position your training organization as a ‘Centre of Excellence’
  • Increase income from learners/delegates
  • Professionalize the Clinical Research Industry through being part of an internationally recognized quality assurance system.

Organizations Suitable for the IAOCR Certified Academy Partnership Route?

Our Certified Academy Partners include CROs and specialist consultancy organizations who offer training to both internal employees and external students, as well as dedicated training organizations and professional membership bodies offering training/education to the public.

If you are an organization only offering training and development to internal employees, the the Employer Academy Partnership route would be more suitable. Find out more about becoming an Employer Academy Partner here.

Becoming an IAOCR Certified Academy Partner delivers:

  • IAOCR independent quality assurance for your training program(s).
  • Training, assessment and accreditation for Academy training team (and if required competence assessor training).
  • Full independent verification and accreditation of Academy delegates.
  • Award of IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status to Academy delegates and all Accreditation documents
  • Portfolio-only route* for already experienced & competent individuals.
  • Joint marketing and promotion strategy and support services to help attract delegates, fill programs and position your organisation as a ‘center of excellence’.


*Portfolio-only Route: This route is available to those individuals who are already experienced in their role and therefore do not require training. Instead, they can demonstrate their competence by completing the accreditation assessment only,  by submitting a ‘portfolio of evidence’ captured in their day to day workplace activities and from their previous training/education background.

IAOCR Certified Academy Partner

Benefits of partnering with IAOCR for your Organization and Your Learners

IAOCR Risk Reduction icon

Internationally Recognizable

Provides your learners with industry leading accreditation that is both robust and internationally recognizable

IAOCR Credentials

Best Practice

Reassures learners that you are committed to engendering best practice standards within the clinical research industry

Choices icon

Training Center of Choice

Enhances your brand and positions you as a ‘Trainer of Choice’ by being part of an international quality assurance system

IAOCR Attract/Retain Employees icon

Value Add

Provides a ‘value add’ to your existing training offer though enhanced opportunities for learners to evidence their competence

IAOCR Credentials

IAOCR Badging

Distinctive IAOCR badging for use on all Marketing Communications to help attract more learners

Accreditation Programs
  • Foundations in Clinical Research
  • ICH-GCP Essentials
  • Clinical Research Professional (Foundation Level)
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Central Monitor
  • Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Clinical Research Line Manager
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Clinical Research Auditor
  • Pharmacovigilance Associate
  • TMF Associate/Manager
  • Clinical Research Trainer
  • Clinical Trial Site Nurse
  • Clinical Trial Site Coordinator
  • Clinical Trial Site Investigator
  • Clinical Trial Site Manager
Accreditation programs in development:

We have a number of accreditation programs in the development pipeline. We can also work with you to create bespoke accreditation assessments. Please contact us for further details.

Meet our Certified Academy Partners

Partner: LMK Clinical
Academy: The TMF University

Partner: PharmOlam
Academy: The Auditor Academy

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How to Become an IAOCR Academy Partner

Please contact us in the first instance to arrange an introductory call so that we can learn more about your organization and your specific goals so that we can explore a tailored partnership approach.