IAOCR Credentials

Credentials Overview

Established in 2011 in response to demand for accreditation in the clinical research industry.

First to lead an industry wide-initiative to develop clinical research competencies, pioneering best practices and lobbying for change.

IAOCR Credentials

​This industry-wide initiative to develop core competency frameworks involved:

  • Over 20 clinical research organizations spanning 6 continents. ​
  • Over 200 organizations spanning 6 continents invited to review the frameworks.
  • Reviewed and annotated by the MHRA and discussed with the FDA.


The core competencies are now adopted by most of the world’s leading clinical research organizations (CROs, Sponsors, Clinical Packaging, Clinical Research Sites and Membership Organizations).

  • Prior to IAOCR pioneering the way, there were no globally accepted competency standards.​
  • All IAOCR accreditation programs are developed against the core competency frameworks established by industry AND mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education Framework developed by UNESCO.
  • Valued by industry-leaders for facilitating thought-leadership at industry leader think tank events and developing white papers to lobby and influence parliamentarians.
  • IAOCR regularly engage with industry experts to develop and review competency frameworks through the establishment of taskforces.
  • In addition to providing accreditation, training and consultancy services, IAOCR works with industry leaders and regulators around the globe to develop best practice guidelines and frameworks.

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