Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Site Manager Accreditation

60 CPE Points
6 Learning Credits

Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Site Manager Accreditation

Internationally accepted professional accreditation standard for Clinical Research Site Managers. Suitable for professionals already working as a Clinical Research Site Manager as well as those looking to transition into the role (who already have the required experience or have completed training for this role and want to evidence their competence to Sponsors. CROs, employers and patients.)

Accreditation Program Outline

The Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Site Manager (QM-IAOCR) professional standard was developed in conjunction with global clinical trial experts and enables successful participants to achieve accreditation and professional recognition as a Clinical Research Site Manager. You may already have a Clinical Research Site Manager Certification, and are now looking to achieve a formal, internationally accepted accreditation to demonstrate your ability to work to best-practice global standards.

Individuals must provide evidence that they can demonstrate all the relevant core competencies expected of a competent Clinical Research Site Manager*. The accreditation process is focused on determining whether someone has the skills, knowledge and behaviours to fulfil their role, measured against a set of robust accredited assessment criteria which have been developed from the core competency framework validated by the industry.

This unique and independently accredited program uses assessment criteria mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education developed by UNESCO. Participants successfully passing the accreditation assessment are awarded IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status (QM-IAOCR), which is internationally accepted and familiar to educational establishments and employers globally.


  1. Please note that IAOCR does not provide training. The purpose of our accreditations is to competence verify individuals who have already received training through another provider, and/or gained the necessary ‘on the job’ experience. (See entry requirements for further details).
  2. All our career accreditation programs are developed from global core competency frameworks ratified by the industry for that specific role. However, they do not assess competency in local/country laws or regulations that may be applicable to your role in your region/country. Please ensure that you take responsibility to be competent in any relevant local/country legislation in addition to receiving IAOCR international accreditation

What does the Accreditation assessment involve?

Normally one working day before the program start date, you will be sent a link to access your online assessment portal. The assessment is a blend of multiple-choice questions, questions requiring free text answers and interactive scenarios designed to test your competence as a site-based Clinical Research Co-ordinator (this is your ‘Portfolio of Evidence’). Upon completion of your assessment, your portfolio will be sent to the IAOCR Assessment team for review and independent verification.
If you have successfully passed the accreditation you will be awarded the following:

  •  A Certificate of Accreditation
  • A Professional Certification Mark (displaying your award date, unique registration number and the title of your accreditation)
  • The Designatory letters QM-IAOCR – Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Site Manager

Accreditation documents are normally awarded within 6 weeks of assessment submission (see Programme Registration section for details).

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

On average, the assessment takes up to 2 hours to complete.  You can complete the assessment in your own time, but you must ensure that your final submission adheres to the deadline for assessment submission according to your registration date (see table in programme registration section).

Entry Requirements

Before enrolling on the Q-IAOCR Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Site Manager program, it is important that you confirm that your career and educational background has provided you with the necessary experience to complete the competence assessment areas listed below.  Please ensure that you have self-certified your ability to complete the accreditation assessment before enrolling on the programme by confirming your experience in the following assessment areas (which are applicable to the level of responsibility for a Clinical Research Site Manager):

  • Regulatory frameworks and reporting requirements for clinical trials
  • Clinical trial protocols and designs
  • Data management and data integrity in clinical trials
  • Patient rights, safety, consent, confidentiality in clinical trials
  • Data collection in clinical trials (including DCTs)
  • Drug development process
  • Management & communication in clinical trials
  • Document maintenance & budget management
  • Process and relevant documentation for start-up and close-out
  • Quality and risk management in clinical trials
  • Understanding of the Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP)
  • Role of stakeholders in clinical trials
  • ICH-GCP and good clinical practice


£ 480.00

*If you require an invoice please email once you have your booking confirmation

Registration Dates

The 2024 cohort registration dates for Q-IAOCR Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Site Manager are below:

Award of Accreditation Certificates and Professional Certification Marks normally happens within 9 weeks of assessment submission.

If your preferred start date is not currently listed below, you can contact us to register your interest and we will email you when registration opens.

Registration Date Program Start Date Deadline for Assessment Submission
Register up to 17 May 2024 21 May 2024 18 Jun 2024
Register up to 21 Jun 2024 25 Jun 2024 23 Jul 2024
Register up to 19 Jul 2024 23 Jul 2024 20 Aug 2024
Register up to 16 Aug 2024 20 Aug 2024 17 Sep 2024
Register up to 20 Sep 2024 24 Sep 2024 22 Oct 2024
Register up to 18 Oct 2024 22 Oct 2024 19 Nov 2024
Register up to 22 Nov 2024 26 Nov 2024 24 Dec 2024

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before enrolling for this program, as well self-certifying you have met the entry requirements, you must also read the Terms and Conditions for the online sale of accreditation programs . You will be asked to accept these terms and conditions at checkout. Thank you.