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Partner with us to reduce risk in clinical research

IAOCR Services

Workforce Quality Accreditation

Awarded to organizations demonstrating a globally consistent, high quality workforce

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Training Course Accreditation

Accrediting your high quality training programs.

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Internationally Qualified Professional

Independent assessment of competence, leading to Internationally Qualified Professional status for individuals

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Doing the right thing is not the same as doing things right. The majority of people in your company aren’t actively addressing the biggest risks to your business, which is why…


of sponsors are not very satisfied with the value received for the money they spend


are not very satisfied with the quality of work provided


are not very satisfied with the overall work provided


are not very satisfied with their supplier relationship

*The 2017 Avoca Industry Report: Evaluating and Managing Risk in Clinical Trials – The Avoca Group: August 2017

IAOCR can help you identify how to evolve your business model. As a result of working with us competitor companies have:

  •  Increased CRA billability by over $2million

  • Won new clients within 3 months

  • Noticed a profound improvement in employee engagement

  • Improved quality by 83% within 12 months

  • Improved client trust and relationships

This morning on @BBCBreakfast: “new research shows just 14% of people have been involved in a #clinicaltrial”: learn more about clinical trials and their history here: iaocr.com/clinical-t…

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