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Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation

Along with ICH-GCP, the essential foundation stones for everyone working in the clinical research industry, and/or for individuals who have already completed foundation level training/certification and are looking to formally evidence their competence with an internationally recognized accreditation to help them advance or move into a clinical research career.

ICH-GCP Essentials Accreditation

ICH-GCP – an essential foundation stone for everyone working in clincal research, regardless of their role.

Foundations Package: Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Professional (Foundation Level) - Encompassing ICH-GCP Accreditation and Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation

This package combines the 2 accreditations – ICH-GCP and Foundations in Clinical Research, and is suitable for everyone already working in clinical research wanting to achieve a formal professional recognition, or for individuals who have already completed ICH-GCP and foundation level training or certification and are looking to evidence their competence to help them progress their clinical research career.

Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Trainer Accreditation

Internationally recognizable professional accreditation standard for Clinical Research Trainers. Suitable for those involved in writing and/or delivering training to clinical research professionals in a virtual or classroom environment as well as clinical research professionals looking to step into a training role (who already have experience in training delivery, or have completed training in how to deliver training).