Accredit your Employees

Reduce risk within your workforce and supply chain through IAOCR’s robust independent verification of competence and quality assurance, leading to internationally accepted accreditation for clinical research professionals

Join leading clinical research partners by working with us to reduce risk to patients, research and your reputation.

Provide reassurance to stakeholders that people working on your clinial trials  are:

  • Working to global best practice standards
  • Robustly and idependently quality assured and verified as competent
  • Professionally accredited to international standards
  • Confident in their ability to provide a right-first-time, quality-built-in approach

Explore via the links below to find out how IAOCR can help you to reduce risk and costs, and increase capacity within your clinical research workforce:

Competence Verification and Professional Recognition for Your Workforce – Providing internationally accepted professional accreditation for your employees and, where required, the clinical research supply chain.

IAOCR ‘Employer Academy Partner’Suitable for employers wishing to provide IAOCR quality assured training and accreditation program(s) for their internal staff.

IAOCR ‘Certified Academy Partner’Suitable for training providers wanting to differentiate through provision of internationally accepted accreditation to their learners and IAOCR indepdenently quality assured training programs.

Competence Verification and Professional Recognition for Your Workforce

If you are seeking independent competence verification and accreditation for a group of clinical research professionals within your workforce or supply chain please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

NOTE: Please be aware that IAOCR competency assessments are aligned to core global competency frameworks ratified by the industry.  Accreditations verify evidence that individuals have the skills, knowledge and behaviours to carry out clinical research competently, credibly and safely.  Unless stated, assessment feed do not include training and are suitable for clinical research professionals who have already undergone training, and/or gained relevant work experience.

What is an IAOCR Employer Academy Partner?

An IAOCR Employer Academy Partner is an organization who partners with us to develop and provide fully IAOCR quality assured training and accreditation programs for their internal employees.

This partnership route is suitable for organizations providing clinical research training and development and or competence validation services for their own internal workforce and, where required, the clinical research supply chain. (If you are an organization providing clinical research training/development to external delegates/learners please explore our Certified Academy Partnership route).

As an Academy Partner we work with you to deliver the following:

  • Training program mapping and gap analysis against global core competencies
  • Quality assurance and award of quality assurance mark for your training program(s)
  • Training, assessment and accreditation for your Academy Training Team to Q-IAOCR Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Trainer status.
  • (If desired) Competence Assessor training, assessment and support for Academy Competence Assessors
  • Full independent competence verification and accreditation services for Academy delegates
  • Award of IAOCR Accreditation documentation to Academy delegates (including award of distinctive IAOCR Professional Certification Marks with unique registration ID)
  • Joint marketing and promotion strategy and support services to enhance your employer brand and help your business development team win and retain business.
IAOCR Certified Academy Partner

Benefits to My Organization and My Employees

IAOCR Risk Reduction icon

Risk Reduction

A competent workforce ensures E8 (R1) compliance through embedding a  ‘right first time’ and ‘quality built in’ approach at the workforce level.

Safeguard your research, your patients and your reputation

IAOCR Business Development ICon

Business Development

Win & retain clients by evidencing commitment to industry best practice standards.

Reassure clients through robust and independent IAOCR Accreditation

IAOCR Differentiate icon


Position your organization as a ‘Centre of Excellence’, displaying clear and distinctive certification marks that are a trusted symbol of competence

IAOCR Attract/Retain Employees icon

Attract/Retain Employees

  • Instill confidence in competence of self & team.
  • Tailor performance development to address competence gaps.
  • Improve employer brand experience.
  • Attract & retain staff through competence-based career pathways
IAOCR Reduce Costs icon

Reduce Costs

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Reduce staff turnover (which reduces recruitment & training costs)
  • Reduce time to billability 
Competence-Based Career Pathways

The Employer Academy Partnership allows you to develop and retain your staff through providing competence based career pathways, independently verified to international standards. All employees successfully passing the accreditation assessment are awarded IAOCR Internationally Qualified Status for their role.

Portfolio-Only Route for Experienced Professionals: Within your organization, there will normally be different employee experience levels ranging from new/emerging talent up to senior level professionals. IAOCR Qualified Professional Status is awarded to individuals that are already experienced in their role and can provide evidence of pre-defined competencies during their day-to-day workplace based activities. In this case, training is not a prerequisite for achieving IAOCR Qualified Professional Status which gives you the flexibility to tailor an employee’s accreditation route based on their level of experience.

Currently available accreditation programs
  • ICH GCP Essentials Accreditation
  • Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation
  • Clinical Research Professional (Foundation Level)
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Research Central Monitor
  • Clinical Research Project Manager
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Clinical Research Auditor
  • Pharmacovigilance Associate
  • TMF Associate/Manager
  • Clinical Research Trainer
  • Clinical Trial Site Nurse
  • Clinical Trial Site Coordinator
  • Clinical Trial Site Investigator
  • Clinical Trial Site Manager
Accreditation programs in development and bespoke programs

We currently have a number of other accreditation programs in the development pipeline.

We can also work with organizations to create bespoke accreditation programs.

Please contact us for further details.

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How to Become an IAOCR Employer Academy Partner

Our flexible approach allows us bespoke this service according to your organization’s requirements. Please contact us to set up an introductory call to find out more and share with us what you are looking for.