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June 29, 2024
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Over the past 12 years, the International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research has been on a dedicated mission to elevate the standards and professionalize the clinical research industry.

The IAOCR’s vision is to be the required standard for clinical research staff, sites and organizations globally, throughout the clinical research ecosystem. 

A relentless pursuit of excellence drives the organization to provide top-tier accreditation programs that ensure clinical researchers are proficient in the latest methodologies, regulatory requirements, and ethical considerations. Their Global Best Practice Standards are essential to protecting the rights and well-being of clinical trial patients and the delivery of innovative new treatments to market more quickly and safely.  There is no higher standard in clinical research assessment or clinical research certification.

Individuals and organizations benefit from several advantages when they choose IAOCR as their gateway to clinical research certification.

Authoritative assessment of professionals

The IAOCR offers a rigorous and comprehensive assessment process for all of its accreditation programs. Skills, knowledge and behaviors are tested through a blended examination approach of multiple choice, short essay-style questions to provide ‘proof of evidence’ portfolios.

The IAOCR prides itself on evaluating both theoretical understanding and practical competence.  ‘Portfolios of Evidence’ are reviewed and independently verified by the IAOCR team. Such thorough evaluation ensures that certified professionals are well-equipped to handle the complexities of clinical research.

Upon achievement of accreditation, the participant is awarded designatory letters, a Certificate of Accreditation, and an electronic Professional Accreditation Mark badge which includes their award date and unique registration number, providing formal recognition of their accreditation. Once awarded, the accreditation stays with the professional for life, in the same way that other recognized qualifications do. Accreditations are mapped to qualification standards and carry internationally transferrable Learning Credits. 

A commitment to continuous improvement also ensures that the IAOCR’s standards and processes evolve with the industry. Regular reviews with industry and updates are conducted to maintain relevance and effectiveness, reflecting the dynamic nature of clinical research.


The key purpose of the awarding organization is to establish quality standards. It verifies the competence of individuals, regardless of where they received their training and regardless of how their skills were developed. 

The IAOCR itself participates in a regulated accreditation process and is overseen by independent organizations.  This ensures that the assessment is unbiased. The IAOCR assessment criteria focuses purely on the candidate’s ability to meet the industry’s core competency standards, developed with industry stakeholders and independently quality assured by government-recognized organizations.

This independence enhances the credibility of the individuals and the organizations that employ them, reassuring everyone concerned that their accreditation is based on stringent, standardized criteria.

Global reach

The IAOCR’s assessment criteria are mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education developed by UNESCO, recognizable by educational establishments and employers globally.

IAOCR taps into a diverse pool of clinical research experts from around the world to develop and review their accreditation criteria and assessment methods. This has been made possible by a wide range of organizations enabling their staff to be involved in collaborative initiatives with the IAOCR to shape best practices for clinical research.

In addition, the IAOCR works collaboratively with industry regulators, commercial companies and not-for-profit bodies on international task forces and a Global Advisory Board that formulates and shares best practice frameworks and guidelines. This global approach helps to address the nuances and specific needs of different regions, making the accreditations more relevant and valuable to clinical researchers worldwide.

IAOCR is committed to using technology to offer online and remote assessments, making their services accessible to clinical research professionals from their preferred location. IAOCR are dedicated to making clinical research certification an achievable goal for as many CR professionals as possible worldwide.

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