How Can You Build Confidence in Your Clinical Research

February 02, 2022

In an industry so highly regulated the role of accreditation for clinical research is paramount, providing clear standards and structure to ensure continued delivery at the highest level. With renewed focus on clinical research and much discussion around safety of vaccines, the role of accreditation can provide a clear and useful reassurance about the process.

At a time when clinical research has become more visible to the general public, a more detailed understanding of the process and checks could help allay concerns and build even more confidence in the way in which medical treatments are brought to the general population.

Speaking very simplistically, the clinical development process involves many carefully moderated elements demonstrating the quality in the products. For a new treatment to make it out of R&D provides many years of research, all documented and moderated. This treatment is then further investigated, ultimately in humans, through a rigorous clinical trial testing process. All information to-date then is passed to regulatory authorities to be closely examined before approval. And the testing doesn’t finish there with Phase 4 trials and beyond. Simple!

So why do we need IAOCR? IAOCR provides a safeguarding around the clinical trials testing element by delivering accreditation. The value this adds in building confidence in the process is that it provides a clear, internationally recognized acknowledgement of the research process at the highest global standards. The clear delivery of the best quality research, not only has financial and time benefits for developers, but for the general population can demonstrate how rigorous the process in developing the treatments has been.

Build confidence: demonstrate competence: trust IAOCR. For more information contact us:

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