WQA : Shaping the Clinical Research Industry

Shaping the Clinical Research Industry

What is WQA?

WQA (Workforce Quality Accreditation) is the business improvement methodology that is shaping clinical research organizations on a global basis by helping to drive up quality standards. It was designed in collaboration with sponsor organizations and CROs to address workplace quality issues specific to our industry. It also gives organizations the opportunity to gain an accreditation by demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that human factors are aligned with technology, processes and procedures.

Far deeper than a tick-box exercise, WQA helps organizations to structure their people processes and activities in a way that adds true value to their organization and their clients. The overall aim of the tool is to help drive business improvements that are embedded and stand the test of time.

The four levels of WQA enable companies to take a step-wise approach to ensuring that human factors work synergistically with technologies and processes. The process can be applied to any section of the workforce or to the organization as a whole.  The goal is to develop high-functioning organizations that are great to work with and ultimately bring new treatments to market quicker.

Three Areas Where Your Organization Can Benefit from WQA

Acquisitions and Mergers

Acquisitions and mergers are commonplace in the pharmaceuticals / clinical research industry. WQA provides a structured approach facilitating the shaping of workforce quality best practices in a way that can be embedded consistently across the organization.

Leveraging Investment in Technologies and Processes

Over the last few years our industry has focused heavily on technologies and processes. It’s essential that workforce quality practices are up-to-date and using best practice methodology that enables organizations to truly leverage investments made in all areas.

Transparency & Consistency

It’s widely recognized that the relationship between CROs and sponsors can be challenging. Add to this that there are literally thousands of service providers and potential employers to choose from and the need for a transparent system focused on workplace quality on a globally consistent scale is palpable.

Who’s on Board?

In 2016 INC Research were the first CRO to achieve the Workforce Quality Accreditation.  In this short video they explain what it’s like to work with IAOCR and report “(IAOCR) brings a structure to our industry that is unparalleled…through IAOCR’s work and guidance we are a better organization through our clinical teams today than we were a year ago.”

IAOCR has now been approached by a wide variety of companies working in the CRO, sponsor, recruitment, and logistics spaces. We are working with a variety of organizations that all have a strong vision and commitment to workforce quality as well as organizations that see the value of WQA to help them shape their business following acquisitions / mergers.

London-Headquartered SEC Recruitment is one company currently going through the WQA process.  CEO, Stuart Britton says “There is a real principle behind what IAOCR does that absolutely stands for quality…Everyone at IAOCR is sensible and has a common sense approach when looking at the talent of the life science industry. They are extremely knowledgeable and have an absolute clear understanding of the market, processes and the complication of clinical trials from all elements not just the talent piece – and they are pretty nice people as well!”

Why Select a WQA Accredited Service Provider?

Put simply, the WQA quality mark signals that an organization has undergone a robust and independent assessment and that their people are in a strong position to deliver your clinical research projects effectively and efficiently.  Watch our 2 minute animated video to find out more.

It’s Time to Get On Board!

Let us demonstrate the clear benefits that WQA can bring to your organization. Email us for your WQA brochure pack.

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