Working towards our mission

IAOCR LogoAt IAOCR, we genuinely care about what we do and about the clinical research industry; but that has meant an exceptionally busy start to 2017 which you might have noticed. Beyond our ‘day-to-day’ work we’ve embarked on a number of additional initiatives that were just too important for us to ignore:

While these four activities might appear quite disparate, for IAOCR they work collectively towards our overarching mission which is to raise standards across the industry in order to help companies bring new treatments to market quicker. This mission underlines our whole ethos as well as each of these four initiatives. Eradicating loopholes to focus on competency, actively navigating upcoming political changes, ensuring staff are engaged in what they do, and developing the Next Generation of Executives for the Clinical Research Industry, collectively work to enhance the clinical research industry as a whole.

At IAOCR we believe we can make a difference, and our unique position makes us the right organization to do so.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these initiatives, our overall mission and how you’re getting involved in the different aspects.  Contact us to share your thoughts.

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