We’re On A Mission

Karen Ruthven, Martin Robinson, Jacqueline Johnson North, Angela O’Connell

Since launching in 2011 we’ve helped to influence and shape the clinical research industry.  Knowing that there are big changes on the horizon we decided to restructure and take stock…

In 2017 we welcomed two new members to our leadership team (well one completely new and one that’s not so new!) to ensure we have the strongest talent to best meet the needs of the clinical research industry.  We’ll be sharing more about their individual talents, focus and passions in future Spotlight On Leadership interviews, meanwhile you can read their short biogs here.

To transform the world of clinical research, through the enhancement and advancement of the global workforce.

Throughout the latter part of last year we actively dedicated time to thinking – we spent time with our team and our clients to understand more about the value IAOCR brings to the clinical research sector and as a result we decided it was time to modify our purpose and mission to better reflect what we do currently and where we are heading.

With a growing team and refined direction, we also revisited our values and defined five ways in which we work together and with our clients.

Regardless of your size or location, we truly believe that our unique team are the ideal partners to support your unique organization in transforming the world of clinical research, through the enhancement and advancement of your workforce. But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at some video testimonials.

We’re on a mission – to help you achieve yours!

Get in touch to find out about the changes that are on the horizon and how we can help you stay ahead of the game.