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For those taking their first steps into the world of clinical trials, it can be a confusing industry.  There are many different roles in the clinical trial industry and even fewer roles from which to start out from, we would like to introduce to you new our CRA Training webinar series and how this can help you to progress in your career.

A Clinical Research Associate is the role that most life science graduates and research nurses look into as a first position in the clinical trials industry.  I myself started out as a CRA way back in 2000.  My first clinical trial was a venous leg ulcer study, based in the UK.  Not very glamourous I can tell you, but a great first study as it had a reasonably short set up stage, followed by the intensive monitoring that occurs after the approvals and initiation visits have been conducted.  I learned a lot in a short space of time.  Fast forward many years later and I am now providing CRA Training via a series of webinar sessions for IAOCR.

The 15 webinar sessions form Part 1 of the Qualified Clinical Research Monitor Certificate Program (MIACR).  Topics covered include activities at the beginning of a trial such as how doctors (we call them investigators) are selected; what ethical and regulatory applications need to be completed before the ongoing trial activities such as on site monitoring and checking your patients are still eligible and safe, moving onto when the trial finishes, so activities such as managing the investigational medicinal product and how to close down your sites.  The learning exercises are based on real life challenges that the CRAs will face, such as sites not recruiting enough patients, your investigator making mistakes when they record the trial data and the trial drugs going missing (hopefully this will not happen a lot!).

Each CRA Training webinar will be ‘live’, this means in real time with a real experienced trainer talking you through the learning activities and there will be the chance for discussions with other learners.  You will have a workbook with the information you need and exercises for you to complete.  Sometimes you might have homework, but we promise to keep this to a minimum!

After the 15 modules have been completed, you can then work through a short set of case scenarios, which will then be reviewed and independently assessed by the trainer.  These are NOT multi-choice questions which test your short term memory on what you have just learned: we are looking to see if you have understood what you have learned and how you would apply it in the situations you would face as a CRA. The technical term for this is ‘competence verification’.  If you pass, you are then awarded the accreditation for the foundation level of the Clinical Research Monitor program (MIACR Foundation Level).

For full details of the ‘Become a CRA’ webinar sessions, to book your place or to find out more please CLICK HERE or get in touch with Jane at jgulmez@pepperstreet.co.uk or call + 44 (0) 1628 784906.

By Fiona Wallace, Director and Global Head of Client Services Delivery

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