Vaccine Concerns: Are They Justified?

Vaccines are big news at the moment, and whilst many people see the value and ‘freedom’ that a good vaccination program can offer against COVID-19; there are those who need more reassurance and have a deep-seated skepticism. Regardless, the reports of blood clots associated with certain vaccines has caused people to pause.

For many in the clinical research industry, the discussion and debates around the COVID-19 vaccines, their developments, potential side effects and superstitions demonstrate the lack of true understanding about the clinical trial process. When exploring the data the probability of getting a vaccine-associated blood clot is scientifically low, significantly compared to other day-to-day activities and yet the concern is prevalent. Whilst the spotlight has moved onto clinical research with a greater awareness existing, the in-depth understanding of drug and vaccines development is still lack general awareness.

Clinical research is a stringent process with many checks and measures in place to ensure the safe discovery of new treatment and vaccination options. Qualified professionals are tasked with exploring new medications and medical devices whilst ensuring patient safety is front-of-mind during the trial and should the treatment make it to market. Furthermore, following these processes the treatment then proceeds to be approved by regulatory authorities. How do you think we can better educate those not in the industry about the processes? Join the debate on our social media channels: LinkedIN, twitter and Facebook.

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