It’s Time To Get Engaged!

It’s Time To Get Engaged

Our January blog “How Increased Staff Engagement Could Save the Clinical Research Industry $ Millions” considered the cost of employee engagement and why this needs to be a priority for the international clinical research industry. Our overall aim is to help raise standards across the industry in order to help companies bring new treatments to market quicker.

Join Us on the 3rd Thursday of Each Month

On the third Thursday of each month, throughout the Clinical Research Year of Engagement, IAOCR will be sharing simple-to-implement ways employers can engage their workforce by taking a “whole employee” approach – considering the wellbeing of employees’ minds, bodies and souls. By doing this employers will benefit from intrinsically loyal and healthy workforces that are committed to achieving success.

Kicking off this Thursday – 16 March we’ll be focusing on the importance of building a strong sense of team, which is has a positive effect on staff retention. Join the discussion and share ideas on our LinkedIn Group or follow us on Facebook. We’d love you to engage with us and share great examples about your team. How do you support each-other? What do you value in each-other?

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Spread the word in your organization – email us and we’ll send you a poster to email out to your team and pin up on the notice boards.

Let’s get everyone focused on engagement

It’s time to get engaged!

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