Thriving throughout TMF University: CONGRATULATIONS to the Inaugural Cohort Graduates

LMK have been pioneers in raising standards of the Trial Master File (TMF) for more than 10 years. This has been exemplified over the past 12 months as they launched the IAOCR independently accredited TMF University, the first of its kind. We are now celebrating the graduation of the first cohort, a wonderful experience with a group of highly engaged individuals.

IAOCR’s Kerry Thomas led the accreditation process and acknowledged, “This course is hard work, absolutely, because it is a robust, meaningful, independently verified process to truly demonstrate your competence, which takes time. This provided a chance to show your skills because practicing preparation, prioritization and time management are essential.” The course and accreditation have been designed to encourage individuals to draw on their own experiences to identify key areas of competence and highlight areas for further development.

A truly robust process, the course allows participants to move through the levels from Discovery to Mastery. Reflecting on the accreditation, Kerry remarked to the graduates: “It was appreciated to clearly see evidence of individuals’ knowledge and skills; alongside their behaviors and progression through this process. All graduates have now arrived at mastery and absolutely deserve this high-level accreditation.”

The virtual graduation ceremony closed on a poignant note; things are always changing with the trial master file due to the impact of technology, and the TMF University is committed to evolving in-line with these changes. All graduates will continue to have access to the course material to support this.

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