The Evolution and Continued Success of TMF University

May 04, 2023

LMK recognized a void in the area of educational excellence and regulatory knowledge surrounding the management of the TMF in the clinical trial space. While there are many webinars and conferences related to TMF, most provide only foundational knowledge and do not equip attendees with the skills and behaviors to operationalize TMF management. This void led to the inception of the TMF University, which has been Independently accredited by IAOCR. TMF University provides is a comprehensive education and training program specifically designed to enhance the knowledge and elevate the competencies of those who work in the TMF environment.

A recent discussion between LMK’s Ben Rogers, Manager, TMF Education & Employee Development, LMK, and IAOCR’s Kerry Thomas, Quality Accreditation Lead, IAOCR, available here, outlines how the TMF University program has evolved since its inception and how collaboration between the two organizations continues to be the cornerstone of continuous improvement and ongoing success of the program.

The University has been designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to be successful and confident with managing their TMFs. Working collaboratively, LMK and IAOCR have relied on communication and working to each other’s strengths to benefit the University students.

TMF University offers three learning levels – Discovery, Immersion, and Mastery – and students can tailor the program to meet their unique needs and career goals. Students may opt to get accreditation by learning level (Discovery, Immersion, Mastery) by completing all courses and corresponding competency assessments. Students who complete all courses and assessments across multiple learning levels are awarded with an accredited Qualified TMF Professional status – either a Qualified TMF Associate for completing the Discovery + Immersion levels or a Qualified TMF Manager for completing all 3 levels.

TMF University was developed by leaders in the TMF space and is the first and only independently accredited training program dedicated to the TMF. Ben and Kerry both hope to continue to grow the program and offer additional cohorts at different times to make it more convenient for global learners.

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