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Special Offer for Northern Powerhouse Region

The Clinical Research Industry Leaders Think Tank is attended by senior industry leaders from around the globe.

To celebrate the Think Tank’s first visit to the Northern Powerhouse region of the UK, this year’s Think Tank brochure will contain a centre fold map displaying the wealth of inter-connected clinical research services provided in the Northern Powerhouse region of the UK. If your business is based in this region, we invite you to display your logo on the map and to provide a short description of your organisation to be included in the Think Tank brochure.

To put your business on the map:

1) Click on the “Buy Now” button to reserve a place on the Northern Powerhouse Clinical Research Map.

2) Email a description of your business (in 50 words or less) together with your company logo to vbooth@iaocr.com


Reserve A Place on Northern Powerhouse Clinical Research Map

£ 90.00