Foundation Level Combined Training and Accreditation Program in Clinical Research

An industry-leading combined foundation level Training and Accreditation package, incorporating TASK Research Academy’s quality assured ‘Foundations and Beyond – A Clinical Research Journey’ training program and IAOCR Accreditations in ICH-GCP and Foundations in Clinical Research

4 Learning Credits / 40 CPE Points

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An industry-leading combined foundation level training and accreditation package which is suitable for anyone wanting to launch a career in the clinical research industry, or for those who have just started and want to accelerate their career and elevate their professional status.


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Introduction to the IAOCR & TASK Academy's combined Training & Accreditation program

IAOCR and TASK Academy have joined forces to provide an industry-leading, comprehensive and independently quality assured foundation level training and accreditation program.  This collaboration offers a unique opportunity for individuals wanting to break into the industry, or for those who are early into their career, to acquire both the essential foundational level training (including ICH-GCP) and IAOCR internationally recognized accreditations for clinical research professionals. 

The combined program includes the following:

1. TASK Academy’s online, immersive foundation level training program which includes ICH-GCP: ‘Foundations and Beyond – the Clinical Research Journey’. This training has been independently quality assured by IAOCR and aligns with the IAOCR accreditation assessments described below in point 2. below. The training program is also formally recognized by ACCRE and the TransCelerate GCP Mutual Recognition Program.

2. IAOCR’s ICH-GCP Accreditation and Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation. Participants successfully passing both the training and accreditation assessments will be awarded F-IAOCR Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Professional status (Foundation Level).

Please read the following sections to find out more about the training and the accreditation assessment.

Who is this combined program suitable for?

This combined training and accreditation program is suitable for the following:

  • Everyone – even those individuals with no background in clinical research, who want to kick start their career with quality assured training and an industry-leading, internationally recognized accreditation.
  • Individuals already employed in the industry who are early into their career and want to enhance their knowledge and demonstrate their competence through gaining an industry-leading, internationally recognized accreditation (e.g., research nurses, investigators, pharmacists, clinical research associates, administrative staff etc).
  • Organizations looking to strengthen the knowledge and skills base of their collective workforce and reassure stakeholders that their people have been independently competence verified and accredited to global best practice standards.

Training program overview

TASK Research Academy Training Program: Foundations and Beyond – A Clinical Research Journey.

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What you will learn

This innovative and immersive online program will enable you to kickstart and accelerate your career in clinical research as you navigate your way through the full lifecycle of a clinical trial by means of a mock Phase III trial, from study start-up to close out.

You will experience how the sponsor goes about developing a protocol, how sites are selected globally for participation, how approval by regulatory authorities is granted, and how the trial is implemented with the help of the necessary role-players.

Trial conduct will be explored in depth – you will learn about how study participants are recruited, consented, enrolled and randomised.

Furthermore, the roles and responsibilities of various team members will be explored – from a clinical research associate (CRA) to the trial pharmacist to the data manager.

Important aspects such as management of safety, investigational product and quality are also dealt with extensively.

ICH-GCP is covered in full, including ethics and Good Clinical Practice (GCP), 13 principles of GCP and the regulatory framework. The training also provides SA GCP compliance training for those working in South Africa; however, this is not mandatory for international students. Students not based in SA will need to familiarise themselves with any specific local requirements or regulations applicable for clinical trials in their location.

You will learn everything you need to learn in this training program to prepare you for the IAOCR Accreditation Assessment which you will complete after successful completion of the training.

The TASK Academy’s training program is quality assured by IAOCR, and  recognized by ACCRE and the TransCelerate ICH-GCP mutual recognition program. 

Watch the video here to learn more about the TASK Training Program and Approach – Foundations and Beyond – A Clinical Research Journey

How is the training delivered and how long will it take?

The training program is completed online. This immersive and highly engaging online training takes up to 10 hours to complete (You do not have to do this all in one sitting, most students complete over 3 to 4 weeks).  You will have access to the training for 6 months after you receive your training link from TASK (which means you can refer back to useful content as you consolidate your knowledge. (NOTE: you will not be able to start the accreditation assessments until you have successfully completed the training).

Once you have selected your training start date and booked yourself onto the program (see Program Registration’ section), you will receive a training link from TASK within 2 days of your training start date.  Once you receive this link, you may begin the training.

What do I receive upon completion of the training and what happens next with the accreditation stage?

Upon successful completion of the training you will be able to download your E-Certificate from the TASK Academy website; this will also be emailed to you.

You will then be ready to move onto the next stage – the IAOCR Accreditation assessments for ICH-GCP and Foundations in Clinical Research.

Accreditation overview

The IAOCR Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation and ICH-GCP accreditation are the essential foundation stones for anyone already working in the clinical research industry, or looking to step into a clinical research career having already completed  foundation level training and ICH-GCP Training*.   These accreditatons have been developed by the industry, for the industry; they represent the ‘next step’ after training, providing the individual with formal professional recognition and a ‘quality assurance’ stamp through independent competence verification.

Participants successfully achieving both accreditations can can advance their career and increase employability by providing evidence to employers, patients and the industry that they can demonstrate the core competencies required by all clinical research professionals.

These independently accredited programs use assessment criteria mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education developed by UNESCO, which is recognizable by educational establishments and employers globally.

The Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation is a key foundation stone for everyone working in clinical research, regardless of their position. Participants who successfully achieve this accreditation have demonstrated a solid understanding of the clinical research landscape.

ICH-GCP is an international ethical and scientific quality standard developed to protect the rights, safety and welfare of patients participating in clinical research. Whether you’re working in delivery or support, you play an important role in protecting patients. Therefore competence in Good Clinical Practice is essential for everyone working in the clinical research sector.


1. Please note that the IAOCR accreditation assessments do not include any training.  For this combined program, you will first receive the training element of the program through the TASK Research Academy ‘Foundations and Beyond – A Clinical Research Journey’ training program. The purpose of the IAOCR accreditations is to competence verify individuals who have already received training through the TASK Research Academy (See entry requirements for further details).

2. All our accreditation programs are developed from global core competency frameworks ratified by the industry for that specific role. However, they do not assess competency in local/country laws or regulations that may be applicable to your role in your region/country. Please ensure that you take responsibility to be competent in any relevant local/country legislation in addition to receiving IAOCR international accreditation.

What does the Accreditation assessment involve?

When you enrol for the combined IAOCR/TASK Academy Training and Accreditation package, you will be required to select one of the start dates available for the Accreditation assessment (see ‘Program Registration’ for available dates and also see the ‘Important Notes’ at the end of this section).

The IAOCR accreditation team will send you a link to the online accreditation assessment portal normally one working day before your accreditation start date. The assessment for both ICH-GCP and Foundations in Clinical Research is a series of multiple-choice questions designed to test your competence in these areas (see the ‘Competency Assessment Areas’ section for further information).

Upon completion of your assessment, your answers will be sent to the IAOCR Assessment team for review and independent verification. If you have successfully passed both accreditations you will be awarded the following:

  • A Certificate of Accreditation
  • Electronic Accreditation Marks displaying your award date and your professional registration number for Foundations in Clinical Research and ICH-GCP
  • An electronic Professional Accreditation Mark with the designatory letters F-IAOCR Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Professional (Foundation Level), also displaying your award date and professional registration number.
  • 40 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points and 4 accredited learning credits

Example accreditation marks below:

Foundations Package: Internationally Qualified Clinical Research Professional (Foundation Level) – Encompassing ICH-GCP Accreditation and Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation

How long does it take to complete the accreditation assessments?

The ICH-GCP Accreditation and Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation are taken as separate assessments.

On average, both assessments take 2 to 3 hours to complete in total (approximately 1 to 1.5 hours for each assessment). You can complete the assessments in your own time, but you must ensure that your final submission adheres to the deadline for assessment submissions according to your accreditation start date (see table in Program Registration section).


As this is a combined program, and the training element of the program takes approximately 10 hours to complete, you must ensure that you select an accreditation assessment start date which allows you time to have successfully completed the TASK Academy training first. 


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for the TASK Academy online training program:

  • Literate in English
  • Internet access, and access to a suitable device to complete the training (eg laptop, tablet, mobile).

There are no other specific entry requirements for the training program as this course has been designed for individuals who are completely new to Clinical Research, or for individuals who are early into their career and which to enhance their knowledge.

Entry requirements for the IAOCR online Accreditation Assessment

  • Successful completion of the online TASK Academy Training Program – ‘Foundations and Beyond – A Clinical Research Journey
  • Literate in English
  • Internet access, and access to a suitable device to complete the training (eg laptop, tablet, mobile).

Successful completion of the TASK Academy training program is required prior to beginning the IAOCR accreditation assessment, as the competency areas that will be assessed for accreditation are directly aligned with the content covered in the training program. Please see the section ‘Competency Assessment Areas’.


Competency areas assessed for the Accreditation

The TASK Academy Training program content has been designed specifically to align with the IAOCR Accreditation assessments for Foundations in Clinical Research and ICH-GCP.

Following successful completion of the training program, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours (competencies) to complete the accreditations, which will assess and verify your competency in the following areas:


Competence Areas for ICH-GCP Essentials Accreditation:

  • International Conference of Harmonization – Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) and the historical reasons for implementation
  • The Declaration of Helsinki
  • Protection of rights, safety and wellbeing of clinical trial participants
  • Ethics committee/Institutional Review Board (IRB) roles in clinical trials
  • Regulatory Authorities and their roles in clinical trial inspections
  • Importance of data integrity and patient confidentiality in a clinical trial
  • Experience and qualifications required by study staff in clinical trials
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in relation to the Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP).
  • Randomization and unblinding in a clinical trials

Competence areas for Foundations in Clinical Research Accreditation:

  • Understanding of clinical research and the key requirements in conducting clinical trials, from start up to close out
  • Understand clinical trial regulatory and ethical requirements
  • Understand clinical trial consent, reporting processes and maintenance of data integrity
  • Understand the relevant documents required in a clinical trial
  • Knowledge of quality management processes and practices involved in a clinical trial
  • An understanding of the Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) and its appropriate management
  • Understand stakeholder management within a clinical trial
  • An understanding of decentralized trials

The Learner Journey

The image below shows the steps in your learner journey starting from enrolment, right through to your accreditation award. If you have any questions please do contact us.  You can also download a PDF of this learner journey by clicking here – TASK-IAOCR Learner Journey

Please go to ‘Program Registration’ for cohort start dates and booking.

Programme Registration Dates

Important – please read before selecting a date:

As this is a combined training and accreditation program, you must ensure that you have successfully completed the training part of this program before you complete the accreditation assessment.  Remember, the training takes up to 10 hours to complete – you will see in the table below that we are allowing up to 4 weeks to complete the training. You will receive your training link via email from TASK within 2 working days before your training start date as shown in the table below.  After you have successfully completed your training , you will then receive another email from IAOCR within 2 working days of your Accreditation Assessment start date.

Registration By TASK Training Start Date TASK Training Completion by IAOCR Accreditation Assessment Start Date Submission Deadline for IAOCR Accreditation Assessment
09 Aug 2023 14 Aug 2023 08 Sep 2023 11 Sep 2023 18 Sep 2023
13 Sep 2023 18 Sep 2023 13 Oct 2023 16 Oct 2023 23 Oct 2023
01 Nov 2023 06 Nov 2023 01 Dec 2023 04 Dec 2023 11 Dec 2023


Award of  IAOCR Accreditation Certificates and Professional Accreditation Marks normally happens within 4 weeks of assessment submission.


£ 315.00

*If you require an invoice please email once you have your booking confirmation

Please ensure you have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale before you proceed to booking. Thank you.