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Partnering to Make Standardization of Clinical Research Outsourcing a Reality

IAOCR’s relationship with PCMG (Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group) is focused on the common goal of

raising standards in clinical research outsourcing

Core Competencies for Clinical Outsourcing Managers

Using our combined expertise in clinical research outsourcing and competency development, PCMG and IAOCR worked with a cross-organizational team of industry experts to develop Core Global Standards : Core Competencies for Clinical Outsourcing Managers.  Available soon, the competency framework will be available free of charge to PCMG members, non-members will be able to purchase the framework from IAOCR.  Contact IAOCR to register your interest in this framework.

PCMG’s Accredited Outsourcing Essentials Training Program

Following rigorous review of PCMGs flagship “Outsourcing Essentials” program, IAOCR awarded a 3 Star Accredited Training mark to PCMG in February 2018. Commitment to accreditation is one way in which PCMG is demonstrating their commitment to providing high quality resources for their members.

Program participants can be assured that the program:

  • has been independently assessed and mapped to Global Clinical Research Competency Frameworks (Core Global Standards)
  • covers all the skills, knowledge and behaviors relevant to the tasks being trained
  • materials are high quality and easy for trainers and learners to follow; thus enabling a consistent approach to training delivery and learning transfer
  • is subjected to a regular robust and independent review process to ensure that it is relevant and contemporary

Register for the Outsourcing Essentials Accredited Training Course

The intensive two-day interactive training program is delivered by a team of clinical outsourcing professionals.  It is relevant to anyone with outsourcing responsibilities – CRO or sponsor.

For further details including how to register for the program visit the PCMG website.

Get Your Training Program Accredited

IAOCR works with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial organizations.  To find out more about getting your training program accredited contact us.

Next Steps in the PCMG – IAOCR Partnership

Competency development and training accreditation are just two ways in which PCMG and IAOCR are working together for the benefit of the clinical outsourcing community.  A number of other plans are in the pipeline – watch this space!

In June 2018, IAOCR will be speaking at the PCMG Annual Conference in Malta.

Together we’re shaping the future of clinical research outsourcing

Partner with IAOCR

Our mission is to transform the world of clinical research, through the enhancement and advancement of the global workforce – but we can’t do it alone!

We are committed to building collaborations and partnerships with a wide range of organizations in order to maximize benefits to clinical research globally.  Whether you’re a membership body, not-for-profit organization, government body or commercial enterprise we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Contact us or visit the IAOCR YouTube Channel to find out more about partnering with IAOCR.

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