Meet the Bloggers at IAOCR

IOACR-5Jacqueline Johnson North and Martin Robinson are the co-founders of IAOCR. Angela O’Connell, is IAOCR’s Global Head of Workforce Quality Services. They share the strong belief that workforce quality (human factors) is an essential component of ensuring that clinical trials run effectively and efficiently and is equally as important as technology and processes.

Jacqueline’s interests are generational motivation, leadership, entrepreneurship, IOACR-14
workforce engagement and effectiveness. She also enjoys yoga, painting, drinking tea and bike rides with her young twins.

Martin’s interests are looking at ways of making workforces more effective and trying to improve the way that clinical trials are conducted within regulatory frameworks. Outside of work he plays football, tennis, the guitar and piano with varying degrees of skill. In the summer he conducts surveys on butterfly numbers to support their conservation.

Angela is committed to ensuring real transformation and corporate effectiveness by considering different organizational inter-relationships. Beyond this, Angela enjoys a full and active life with her twin boys and husband. She enjoys tennis, skiing and sailing, is Governor of Primary and Secondary schools and stages many local events in her local community.

Ang HeadshotThe newest addition to the blogging team is Angela Roberts, from craresources. Angela is an experienced Hiring Manager of High Performing Professionals whose goal is to help build a better Recruitment Agency – one which focuses on Doing the Right Thing and Consistently providing High Quality CRAs to the Clinical Research Industry.

As an organization, IAOCR has always encouraged people to speak up and have an opinion – both internally and to the outside world. We’re new to the exciting world of blogging and looking forward to sharing some thought-provoking insights and ideas from our team and the industry leaders we work with.

We hope that you will enjoy the blog, we welcome your comments your observations and hope that you will feed the Clinical Research Industry debate by sharing your thoughts!

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in the future.

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