Knowing Each Other Makes The Team Stronger – Clinical Research Year of Engagement

Knowing Each Other Makes The Team Stronger

Clinical Research Year of Engagement

Developing a Workplace Community

Getting to know our colleagues and what makes them tick goes far beyond team building days and the annual office party. And whilst psychometric testing and leadership styles profiling can help us to gain an understanding of people’s personalities, motivators, approaches, etc they only provide a glimpse into our colleagues’ pictures of the world.

In order to develop a meaningful workplace community a greater understanding of people as individuals is needed. It’s through workplace friendships and understanding each-other that a sense of belonging and engagement can be nurtured.

Connecting with Remote Workers

Remote workers can feel isolated – they don’t get to have an impromptu chat at the water cooler, to join in with the “in” joke at the office or to grab a coffee with a colleague to let off steam when they need to. This is a particular challenge for our industry, where many of us are working in virtual teams and see our colleagues infrequently, if at all.  So when workers don’t feel intrinsically connected to their employer or team and their (home) working environment stays the same regardless of who they’re working for, what is there to keep them in their current position when the job offer phone rings?

Technology : Friend or Foe?

Our connected world enables people to work from the office, on the train, at airports and at home – it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to disconnect from their work and many people accept that working outside of their contracted hours is normal. Unfortunately, however whilst technological advancements are helping us to get connected with computers and devices, the way in which technology is used in the workplace doesn’t generally help us to build the bonds and connections with people that are necessary to build workplace communities.

Webinars, teleconferences and emails are considered to be acceptable means of professional communication however they are generally work-focused. In order to exploit technological advances, employers need to consider how to use technology to enable natural and informal communication exchanges that would have traditionally taken place in the physical work environment – especially in light of the multigenerational workplace that now exists.

Example : Apps in Action

IAOCR has a blend of office-based staff and remote workers. We use the usual types of technology for work-focused, formal interaction, but we wanted to find a way to stay informally connected with all our team – not just the ones in the office.  Something that’s worked well for us is setting up a WhatsApp group – it provides a closed community to share photos taken in free time, moan about transport delays and weather and share some fun.

Invest in Together Time

However great technological advances are, technology can’t replace the value that spending time together brings. The costs involved in flying team members around the world to be together can be significant, however the costs of poor productivity, demotivation and staff turnover can be considerably more. It’s important that employers consider the bigger picture of return on investment rather than just focusing on costs.

Be Creative!

Whatever way you choose to connect, getting to know each-other as individuals is key to building a team bond and improving workforce engagement. Remote workers and their lives are real – however “virtual” they may appear to be.

Get together with your team and brainstorm creative ways to get connected – find out how people want to stay connected and what works for them. Knowing each other will make your team stronger!

Join Us on the 3rd Thursday of Each Month

On the third Thursday of each month, throughout the Clinical Research Year of Engagement, IAOCR will be sharing simple-to-implement ways employers can engage their workforce by taking a “whole employee” approach – considering the wellbeing of employees’ minds, bodies and souls. By doing this employers will benefit from intrinsically loyal and healthy workforces that are committed to achieving success.

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