IAOCR means…

March 02, 2022
IAOCR means...

IAOCR has been committed to transforming the world of clinical research for over a decade. Driving this through the adoption of global best-practice standards for the enhancement and advancement of people and processes in the clinical research industry. This is important to establish an ecosystem where all stakeholders work synergistically, to bring world-class innovative new treatments to market more quickly and safely for all patients globally. But what does this practically mean for individuals and individual organizations?

IAOCR means…

…professional staff you can count on

…you’re in the best hands

…you’re ahead of the game

…confidence in competence

Our competency verification works at the core of your organization to ensure a workforce that is quality assured to ‘best-in-class’ global standards which plays a big part in reducing risk in clinical research. This allows you to have a confidence in the service that you’re ahead of the game by offering and provide an important world-leading standard for your partner organizations.

The robust accreditation process is not simply about paperwork, it has been carefully developed to ensure quality and give patients, sponsors and the public actual reassurance that they are in the best hands. Verifying processes and systems to provide professional independently accredited staff you can count on and confidence in the organizations competency.

Our commitment to the industry and ensuring it delivers the best work through competency is unfaltering, and we want to help you. Get in touch at info@iaocr.com to find out how you can build your confidence and offering through IAOCR’s support.

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