IAOCR demonstrates ongoing commitment to quality

March 09, 2022
IAOCR demonstrates ongoing commitment to quality

Quality is the backbone of what IAOCR strives to deliver both directly and by supporting the Clinical Research Industry. As part of our ongoingcommitment to the Industry, we have bolstered our team with the addition of Sarah Everitt who is our new Vice President of Operations.

I am passionate about driving consistent high quality clinical research and I am really excited to support and drive the IACOR vision more broadly and recognise the professional standards and competencies that are essential to ensuring consistent quality clinical trial data.” – Sarah Everitt

More than ever, in light of the COVID-19 vaccine development, the spotlight is clearly focused on clinical research. This is IAOCR’s opportunity to set an international gold standard for everyone working in all aspects of clinical research, and Sarah’s addition to the team as VP Operations is to drive the seamless accreditation of organizations within the Industry.

Sarah has over 30 years in the Pharmaceutical/CRO industry, initially as a research nurse before moving into a variety of clinical research roles. With extensive experience within the industry at both operational and strategic level, including leading large Global talent teams Sarah is well placed to ensure employee skills and competencies are correctly aligned from a quality performance and delivery success perspective.

As a former nurse, quality and patient safety sits at the heart of everything we do. Ensuring we do the right thing is critical.” – Sarah Everitt

Focusing on the competence of employees and organizations working in research and development to ensure the provision of high-quality data and management of clinical trials is essential; working in a highly regulated business requires qualified professionals with proven competence that needs to be recognized. For IAOCR, it is essential that we support organizations with employee engagement to ensure alignment and achievement of their individual vision and goals, and Sarah will play a central role in delivering this.

Accreditation of individuals and/or organizations ensures consistency of high performance and competence to drive efficiency, effectiveness and quality of clinical trials, ensuring employees are engaged, work collaboratively and adopt best practice.

Sarah explains: “As VP Operations, it is critical that we partner with our customers, understand their needs and provide innovative solutions to support and improve processes and quality standards, ensuring employee performance enables high quality clinical trial delivery.”

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