Ensuring upmost quality

February 02, 2022

Quality is the backbone of the clinical research industry, and IAOCR is dedicated to upholding and adhering to the highest quality standards. Whilst doing so, IAOCR holds an integral independence from the industry to insure a suitable degree of impartiality, however in spite of this it remains important to be in constant dialogue and listen to the industry.

As such, in response to feedback from industry, we conducted a thorough review of our accreditations and are now issuing new Professional Status Certification Marks, replacing the existing badges. The purpose of the change is to better communicate levels and types of accreditation held by individuals in order to promote professional standards and support career opportunities.

The new badges and certificates allow for easier identification of professional status and simpler designatory letters; furthermore, we have implemented a unique reference number for each individual accreditation in an effort to help reduce the incidence of fraud in clinical research.

We have reached out to all those who hold an accreditation level with us, and those who support the accreditation process; however, if you are accredited and have not heard from us please do let us know via: info@iaocr.com

We are committed to transforming the world of clinical research, through the enhancement and advancement of the global workforce.

Our commitment applies to both you as an individual and the broader industry as it allows us to provide reassurance to companies that they are using independently qualified professionals. The value of accreditation, demonstrated through the provision of badges and certificates allows Sponsors and HR professionals to:

  • Be confident in an individual’s credentials and ultimately contribute to reducing fraud;
  • With an individual’s permission, check with IAOCR that the person actually does hold the status claimed;
  • Identify competent staff who can meet the essential “right first time” and “quality built in” requirement of E8 (R1);
  • Only work with trusted IAOCR Internationally Qualified Professionals.

Don’t Risk It! is our philosophy in clinical research, and this step allows us to be more stringent in our checks and balances whilst also ensuring that the industry is operating at its best at a time when there is an intense public spotlight on clinical research due to the Covid-19 pandemic). As an industry, we need to have a clean image and ensure patient safety and data integrity. We can only achieve this through Independent verification of professionals.

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