Building Organizations with 2020 Vision

2020 Vision: foresight, engagement and creativity are essential for overcoming the challenge of the 21st Century. Is it really that hard to achieve?

Have you ever wondered why it is, that once you have decided that something is important to you information relating to it suddenly begins hitting your system like never before, like a lightbulb moment!  Let’s say you decide you want a red car, previously you never really noticed how many red cars there were on the road but now it is important to you, you “see” red cars everywhere.  The fact is, they were always there but until you decided a red car was significant to you then you never really “saw” them before?  

There’s a reason for this, it’s called your Reticular Activating System (RAS). RAS is an automatic, sub-conscious process which filters information and is activated when you have consciously focused on something being significant to you. It is a very powerful part of your mind which helps you to “see” what you didn’t “see” before.

Now, imagine if your organization was like that. Imagine if your employees were completely engaged with your organization’s vision, purpose and values; they would “see” opportunities everywhere releasing their natural creativity, belief and energy to ensure success.  

This is how organizations with 2020 Vision operate. Their employees “see” the future, and are completely engaged.  They feel they belong; their personal values and goals are at one with the organization and everyone is invested in the Vision and success of the organization. Their RAS is activated and aligned.

Why do leaders need 2020 Vision?

Leaders who embody 2020 Vision understand that we “see” with our minds, and what we think determines our behavior. They understand that engagement is more than simply cascading the vision & values through organizational objectives to an individual level. They understand it is more innate and fundamental.

Leaders with 2020 Vision understand that Individuals’ behavior is driven by their values, and an individual’s professional values are heavily influenced by their personal values. That is the lens through which they view the world. Leaders must discover these values and understand how and if they fit with the organization: then they need to nurture them. Harnessing this talent and understanding this perspective must be a priority because it will allow your organizations to “see” opportunities and positively affect both individual and organizational productivity and performance.

Organizational impact of 2020 Vision

Organizations with 2020 Vision are driven by leaders who know their personal core values and their core purpose; their core ideology.  They design their Organizations around the organization’s core ideology. It steers and influences their business decisions and what they do.  Organizational strategies and tactics change over time due to external influences and market trends, but core ideology remains constant: it is the being of an organization, it is its Identity.

Leaders who understand this are able to unlock a passion in individuals and encourage the self-belief needed to break down barriers (perceived or otherwise) of what is possible. They build an inspiring culture, where everyone is collectively watching the horizon, nurturing innovation and learning.

They are surrounded by like-minded individuals who are motivated more than others, to do more than they originally intended, more than they thought possible. Individuals who move beyond self-interest to focus on the large goals of their team and organization.

But does it really matter?

Confronted by the current uncertain global climate, increasing abandonment of old structures, cynicism about most traditional organizations in particular, corporate life, an increasing mobile society and expanding entrepreneurial economy, companies need to embrace the importance of their core ideology to make work meaningful and thereby attract, motivate and retain outstanding people.

Leaders with 2020 Vision will navigate their way through the current uncertainties by adopting an architectural approach to leadership. It is a shift from the prescriptive leadership approaches of the past, towards viewing leadership as on ongoing Design, Development and Enrolment process. A process which (given all the external influences) designs to align organizational and individual strategy and values with the organizational design to reflect its core ideology into its culture, work methods and environments.  This approach translates Vision into Behavior – 2020 Vision into reality.

The here and now

As we move to more turbulent times and the ongoing challenge of attracting and retaining the best talent increases and where the younger global workforce is demanding more meaning from their workplace, Leaders must create organizations with a true sense of purpose and belonging; where employees experience the core ideology on a daily basis. This turns a role from a job into a career and makes the organization an attractive place to work; ‘attractive’ organizations attract the best talent.

A Leader with 2020 Vision is the architect of reshaping and refocusing an organization to meet the complex demands of the 21st Century.  A Leader for the 21st Century has 2020 Vision.

Do you have 2020 Vision?

  • Do your employees constantly innovate and drive your organization forward?
  • Do your employees recommend your Organization as a “Great Place to Work?”
  • Are you the first choice employer in your Industry?
  • Do you have the skills and knowledge and mindset to Build an organization with 2020 Vision?
  • Do you have the prescription to see the future? (Remember we see with our minds, it determines our behavior – it determines Our Future!)

Find out more of how you can harness your 2020 Vision to benefit yourself and your organization’s future.

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Blog by Angela O’Connell

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