Brexit and the UK Clinical Research Industry – Emergency Summit Meeting

Emergency Summit Meeting : The UK Clinical Research Industry in a Pre-Brexit & Post-Brexit Britain

6 March 2017

IAOCR is calling an emergency summit meeting with industry leaders to discuss what measures need to be taken pre-Brexit and post-Brexit to safeguard the clinical research industry in the UK. People with overall responsibility for their organization’s clinical research workforce are invited to attend the meeting on 5 April 2017.

The focus of this initial meeting is the clinical research workforce.  The future of EU nationals in the UK is currently unknown. The current position of the British Government is that it is unwilling to guarantee the rights of EU nationals from other countries to remain in the UK, until the rights of UK nationals living in the EU have been secured.  Meanwhile, clinical research employees and the companies employing them are operating in times of uncertainty.

It is widely accepted that there is a global talent crisis.  If our industry is to attract and retain talent in the UK, both now and in the future, the implications of Brexit need to be considered and we need to take positive action.  We need to ensure that we put in place measures to safeguard the highly-valuable talent that we currently employ and plan for future talent development.

Working Together

The UK clinical research industry is highly valuable to the UK economy – it’s a place where many contract research organisations and pharmaceutical companies have setup their European Head Quarters.  By working together we will have a stronger voice in Parliament.

The focus of this initial meeting is to discuss issues related to the clinical research workforce in light of Brexit. However, we will also consider other other challenges and opportunities for the industry in light of Brexit.

During the meeting, IAOCR will outline how we can work together and our plan for communicating with relevant political stakeholders.

As we move forward, our aim is to work with the group to provide advisory documents on how legislation should be shaped.

Contact us if your organization would like to participate or provide a financial contribution to help support these important political activities.

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