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Professional Qualified Status for Clinical Data Managers

Established over 30 years ago, the ACDM (Association for Clinical Data Management) represents professionals working in the management of clinical data. They have been at the forefront of changes in all aspects of the management of clinical data in clinical trials. ACDM has a large, diverse membership and aims to lead the development and appreciation of the essential activities of those working in the sector. They represent and support professionals involved with managing, capturing, handling and designing methods to collect clinical data from within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research fields.

IAOCR’s relationship with ACDM is focused on the common goal of

developing international standards for the clinical data management profession

Get Qualified!

Regulators and sponsors are increasingly requiring evidence of competence – evidence of experience and training alone are often not sufficient. Whether you’re starting out in your career or already have a number of years’ clinical data management experience, the ACDM Qualified Clinical Data Manager accreditation in partnership with IAOCR is the symbol of competence and professionalism across the sector. Programs are mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education Framework developed by UNESCO and professionals passing the programs achieve internationally recognizable learning credits and accumulate CPD/CPU points.

ACDM delivers three highly-interactive programs for data management professionals at various stages in their career:

LEVEL ONE – Clinical Data Management – Fundamental Skills

LEVEL TWO – Clinical Data Management – Technical Skills

LEVEL THREE – Clinical Data Management – Project Leadership Skills

Visit the ACDM website to view their wide range of training programs specific to the data management profession.

Portfolio Only Route for Experience Professionals

Contact IAOCR to find out more about portfolio-only routes to Qualified Professional Status for professionals that are able to demonstrate competence without the need to participate in a training program.

ACDM’s Accredited Training Programs

Following rigorous review of ACDM’s flagship data management professional training programs, IAOCR awarded the 5 Star Accredited Training mark to the three ACDM training programs. Commitment to accreditation is one way in which ACDM is demonstrating their commitment to providing high quality resources to their members.

Program participants can be assured that each program:

  • has been independently assessed and mapped to Global Clinical Research Competency Frameworks (Core Global Standards)
  • covers all the skills, knowledge and behaviors relevant to the tasks being trained
  • materials are high quality and easy for trainers and learners to follow; thus enabling a consistent approach to training delivery and learning transfer
  • is subjected to a regular robust and independent review process to ensure that it is relevant and contemporary
  • is part of a wider independent workforce quality assurance process

…and that earners are assessed against robust international standards to ensure they can apply what they have learnt during the training to practical workplace activities

Get Your Training Program Accredited

IAOCR works with a wide range of commercial and non-commercial organizations.  To find out more about getting your training program accredited contact us.

Partner with IAOCR

Our mission is to transform the world of clinical research, through the enhancement and advancement of the global workforce – but we can’t do it alone!

We are committed to building collaborations and partnerships with a wide range of organizations in order to maximize benefits to clinical research globally.  Whether you’re a membership body, not-for-profit organization, government body or commercial enterprise we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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