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Congratulations to INC Research on being the FIRST contract research organization to gain the SILVER Clinical Operations Workforce Quality Accreditation globally!

Read press release here (April 2017)

Congratulations to SEC on being the FIRST supply chain recruitment business to receive the WQA bronze AND silver award globally!

Read the silver press release here (September 2017) and bronze press release here (March 2017)

Clinical Research Workforce Quality Accreditation

It’s about results!

The Clinical Research Workforce Quality Accreditation was developed in collaboration with industry experts in response to demand from CROs and pharmaceutical companies.  The accreditation awarded at the organizational level provides:

  • A globally consistent standard for clinical research organizations
  • Evidence of independent assessment of workforce competence
  • Reassurance that the organization is following current best practice in this area
  • Transparency for sponsors and differentiation for CROs
  • A clearly recognizable quality mark

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Increasing Profitability

  • Provides differentiation based on quality of workforce
  • Increases probability of winning business
  • Reduces error rates and decreases CAPAs
  • Reduces costs of staff turnover and absence levels
  • Increases productivity through staff engagement
  • Increases earned value
  • Reduces risk of reputational damage

Benefits for Employers

  • Enhances reputation as an “employer of choice”
  • Improves staff engagement and retention
  • Ensures workforce quality and consistency on a global scale
  • Improves competence and performance –  efficiency and effectiveness
  • Benchmarking of your organizational development practices against a recognized, transparent standard that is industry-specific

Benefits for the Industry

  • Improves trial timelines and lowers costs
  • Minimizes risk to patients
  • Enables easy identification of high quality CROs, based on robust, independent assessment at the organizational level
  • Reduces vendor oversight costs
  • Professionalizes the industry and drives up quality standards

Assessment Fees

As a guide, assessment fees for the Workforce Quality Accreditation usually range between $20,000 US and $120,000 US depending on the size and complexity of the assessment. Please contact us for a quotation.

“The industry has come to realize that more training and more experience does not necessarily equate to competence in the field.”

“IAOCR are different in the CRO world, they have vast experience and are knowledgeable which is an invaluable asset to have…INC are absolutely pleased with the customer service from IAOCR, I don’t have any complaints which is quite a statement! Throughout the whole process we felt well supported and encouraged in knowing that IAOCR also works on a global scale.”

Alistair Macdonald, CEO, INC/inVentiv Health
“Continual process improvement and innovation go hand in hand with talent development….I think IAOCR accreditation is really valuable as it means we are all talking the same language when it comes to hiring, developing and describing talent. Currently how we hire and develop people varies widely across the industry. With an accreditation process we know how qualified and experienced people are as we have the same benchmark regarding training and experience.”
Sam Kerr VP Head of Drug Development Operations, EMEA and Asia Pacific, Allergan
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