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Independent Accreditation of Clinical Research Training Programs

“The industry has come to realize that more training and more experience does not necessarily equate to competence in the field. By being able to measure competence against globally recognized best practices, we’re able to give our customers the confidence to know that the monitors assigned to their studies have not only been trained in the field and demonstrated competence in the latest processes and technologies, but that their skills have been validated against an independent quality standard.”
Alistair Macdonald, Chief Operating Officer, INC Research
“IAOCR helped ICON to design and implement the first-ever competence-based training for safety associates. A key requirement was to make it available across the globe through ICON’s IT training environment. It also had to get aligned with staff’s daily workload. Both objectives got addressed in the way we managed to train and formally accredit 155 of 173 assigned Safety Associates in 4 continents in 18 groups, each group starting a month apart.”
Peter Schueler, Senior VP Drug Development Services – CNS, ICON Plc
“Accreditation across the industry is required, regardless of the quality of learning and development to ensure standards are constantly reviewed and improved to support growth. IAOCR support not just clients running clinical trials but companies supporting the industry – taking a view that we all play a part. IAOCR’s passion for quality and improving standards in the industry is inspiring and they are well placed to support the industry long term.”
Stuart Britton, Chief Executive Officer, SEC Recruitment
“I think IAOCR accreditation is really valuable as it means we are all talking the same language when it comes to hiring, developing and describing talent. Currently how we hire and develop people varies widely across the industry. With an accreditation scheme we know how qualified and experienced people are as we have the same benchmark regarding training and experience. Also, we can work with each individual team member to develop them.”
Sam Kerr VP Head of Drug Development Operations, EMEA and Asia Pacific, Allergan


IAOCR’s Accredited Training badges symbolize that the:

  • Organization is committed to providing high quality training programs
  • Training program has been independently assessed and mapped to Global Clinical Research Competency Frameworks (Core Global Standards) that have undergone regulatory and industry review
  • Training program covers all the skills, knowledge and behaviors relevant to the tasks being trained
  • Training materials are high quality and easy for trainers and learners to follow; thus enabling a consistent approach to training delivery and learning transfer
  • Training program is subjected to a regular robust and independent review process to ensure that it is relevant and contemporary

In addition to the above, badges displaying 5 stars symbolize that:

  • The training program is part of a wider independent workforce quality assurance process
  • Learners are assessed against robust international standards to ensure they can apply what they have learnt during the training to practical workplace activities
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