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IAOCR Qualified Professional Status

The internationally recognizable accreditation for clinical research professionals

robustly monitored within a regulated environment and mapped to the UNESCO International Standard Classification of Education Framework

trusted accreditation for trusted professionals

Professional Accreditation as a Quality Assured Business Process

IAOCR partners with a wide range of organizations, providing valuable professional accreditation programs that:

  • provide reassurance to patients, employers, sites and clients that the people working on their clinical trial are competent and fit-for-purpose
  • reduce risk and increase quality
  • support career pathways and succession planning
  • improve employee engagement and retention

Portfolio Only Route for Experienced Professionals

IAOCR Qualified Professional Status is awarded to individuals that provide evidence of pre-defined competencies during their day-to-day workplace, based activities.  Evidence of training is not a prerequisite for achieving Qualified Professional Status.  We welcome enquiries from organizations and individuals that want to find out more about the Portfolio Only Route to accreditation.

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Data Managers
Central Monitors
Project Managers
Training Managers
Line Managers
Pharmacovigilance Associates

Why Achieve Qualified Professional Status?

Qualified Professional Certification symbolizes to employers, sponsors and clinical trial patients that you are professionally qualified in your field and that you have passed an independent, internationally recognizable assessment of competence in a real clinical research workplace environment. Upon achieving Qualified Professional Status you will be:

  • Awarded designatory letters relevant to your professional status
  • Entitled to use the Professional Status Badge relevant to your role
  • Entered onto the Register of Qualified Clinical Research Professionals

Benefits for Employers & Sponsors

By selecting individuals holding Qualified Professional Status to work on your clinical trials, you can be assured that they are competent and that your clinical trials are in safe hands.

Having competent people reduces error rates and helps mitigate risks, enabling you to bring new treatments to market faster.

CROs developing early talent through the accreditation process have reported that their staff are billable up to 4 months earlier because sponsors are reassured by the robust, meaningful and independent nature of IAOCR’s accreditation process.

Quality Assured & Internationally Recognized

  • Mapped to the International Standard Classification of Education Framework developed by UNESCO.
  • Mapped to relevant Core Global Competency Frameworks for clinical research professionals.  Visit our Resources page to request your copies.
  • Meets all of the IMI Education and Training Quality Standards.
  • Provides a completely independent dual-stage assessment + independent verification of competence against robust, accredited evidence criteria.
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