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Testimonials – What Our Clients Say

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Our team has worked with over 300 clinical research organizations spanning 5 continents.  Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, membership organizations, recruitment agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

Our clients include Abbott, Accord Clinical Research, ACDM, Adamas, Allergan, Almirall, Astellas, Biogen Idec, EastHORN Clinical Trials, European Vaccine Initiative, Grunenthal, GW Pharmaceuticals, ICON, INC Research, inVentiv Health Clinical, Ipsen, Lundbeck, Ministry of Defence, NHS, Novartis, Swiss TPH, Takeda, Theorem, Thermo Fisher, and many others.

Our approach is to work in partnership with you to ensure your organization achieves the desired results.

What Our Clients Say

We were a small clinical training team, experienced within the learning field. However, the majority in the team had a clinical background and not within learning and development. We wanted to get our capabilities certified and benchmarked across the industry to know if were heading in the right direction. IAOCR’s accreditation program provided a good framework, a great atmosphere and room for a lot of good discussions. The course fueled our internal discussions and resulted in our team’s shared view on how we want to set our future learning strategy including all facets of the learning cycle.

Mona Söderblom TMIACR, Head of Clinical Competence & Compliance, Lundbeck

We have used IAOCR for a considerable number of years and it has been a very successful partnership. They worked closely with us in order to develop a bespoke programme that delivered an industry specific accredited Project Management course for those working in the Clinical Trials Industry.

The course itself provided both the knowledge and skills required by our Project Managers unique within our industry and provided them with accreditation based on successful implementation of the project management competencies.

The courses were delivered to a high standard and were very well received by the target group. As such, we have now extended the training delivered by IAOCR globally – covering North America and Switzerland.

I have no reservations in recommending them!

Mike Yellow, Senior Learning & Development Business Partner, Fisher Clinical Services

Establishing a global standard for CRA performance is a game changer for the industry. The industry has come to realize that more training and more experience does not necessarily equate to competence in the field. By being able to measure competence against globally recognized best practices, we’re able to give our customers the confidence to know that the monitors assigned to their studies have not only been trained in the field and demonstrated competence in the latest processes and technologies, but that their skills have been validated against an independent quality standard.

IAOCR are different in the CRO world, they have vast experience and are knowledgeable which is an invaluable asset to have.

INC are absolutely pleased with the customer service from IAOCR, I don’t have any complaints which is quite a statement! Throughout the whole process we felt well supported and encouraged in knowing that IAOCR also work on a global scale.

Alistair Macdonald, President & Chief Operating Officer, INC/inVentiv Health

There is great value to working with IAOCR. They provide a superb level of professionalism and tailor their work to the exact organizational needs of your company and never use a “one size fits all” program.

From my experience with IAOCR, they took the time to get to know how we work; how we train; and only then did they recommend the best solution. Their team did an in-depth analysis of our situation and needs and made strong recommendation for improvement that not only made sense, but is extremely comprehensive and economical.

As we have worked with them for some time now, they have never wavered in their support of our needs; they continually adapt to our ever changing business environment.

I would recommend any biotech or pharma company of any size to work with IAOCR to improve their organization and build a solid value proposition for employees and their development.

Richard Wood, Director of Global Operations Management, INC/inVentiv Health

The Project Management course provided by IAOCR was a new and innovative way of providing this kind of training within this industry. My team contained people with varying experience and they all benefitted from it even though some of them did not meet the accreditation criteria. The follow up work was excellent and really got my team thinking about the training and using it in real life examples which is rarely achieved with other training methods.

The main selling point is the fact that the participants have to demonstrate understanding and that really opened my eyes to the ability of the staff within my team.

Lucy Thomson, Associate Director - RDCM, Clinical Services, Europe, Allergan

I think IAOCR accreditation is really valuable as it means we are all talking the same language when it comes to hiring, developing and describing talent. Currently how we hire and develop people varies widely across the industry. With the accreditation process we know that each individual is qualified and competent and the whole industry will have the same benchmark. Also, we can work with each individual team member to develop them.

Sam Kerr, VP Head of Drug Development Operations, EMEA and Asia Pacific, Allergan

Working with IAOCR, who have extensive Clinical Research knowledge, on this project enabled us to achieve some consistency in our processes achieving uniformity across our business and ultimately helping us to improve our customer service.

Only about 10% of learning is done in the classroom, the learning really happens afterwards within the workplace and IAOCR offered a great solution to this. This kind of structure is necessary for it to be a success. Our clients have been impressed that we have listened to their feedback and put a consistent process in place to address their concerns. We have also had some great feedback internally that the process has been successful.

Maja Taylor, Training Manager - Client Services, Thermo Fisher

I have only positive feedback about the PM training you delivered in Prague. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to future cooperation!

Chief Operating Officer, Aleš Horáček, Accord Research
I have been working closely with the IAOCR team now for the past two years and I have to say their passion for quality and improving standards in the Life Science industry is inspiring.

Accreditation across the industry is required, regardless of the quality of learning and development to ensure standards are constantly reviewed and improved to support growth. They are happy to support not just the clients running clinical trials but companies supporting the industry, taking a view that we all play a part.

IAOCR have been incredibly supportive to SEC Pharma and helping us gain a deeper understanding of how we can add value in the recruitment of professionals to the industry.

Overall I feel IAOCR are well placed to support the industry long term via their accreditation programme.

Stuart Britton, Chief Executive Officer, SEC Recruitment

IAOCR helped ICON to design and implement the first-ever competence-based training for safety associates.

A key requirement was to make it available across the globe through ICON’s IT training environment. It also had to get aligned with staff’s daily workload. Both objectives got addressed in the way we managed to train and formally accredit 155 of 173 assigned Safety Associates in 4 continents in 18 groups, each group starting a month apart.

Peter Schueler, Senior VP Drug Development Services - CNS, ICON PLC

Thank you very much for delivering the training, you are an excellent trainer and I found the course very informative and it certainly cleared up some queries I had. I am really looking forward to the next session!

Angela Curtis, CRA, PrN

As a client-focused organisation, we regard our Project Managers as our most valuable assets. Our staff come from all over Central and Eastern Europe, from a variety of cultures and professional backgrounds, and we like to develop our own project management talent through providing suitable employees with opportunities for professional growth.

The course “Clinical Research Project Management. Part 1 – Foundation Skills for Clinical Research Project Managers” was the right course to explain the roles and responsibilities of the project manager to clinical research professionals who are about to become project managers.

The training was held in a very pragmatic way from project start to close-out and included use of the main project management tools. The course encouraged teamwork, open discussions and sharing real-life examples. The training methods provided attendees with a good insight into the demands of project management in a CRO environment and challenged them to take a realistic view of their job expectations and their future development.

This was an excellent course which we recommend as a very good starting point for clinical research professionals with the aptitude and capabilities to become CRO project managers.

Christine Mohlberg, Director of Project Management & Country Head, Germany., EastHORN

Delivered by reputable and experienced presenters the IAOCR GCP webinar provides a convenient, collaborative, time effective method of research training. We are all busy research professionals and the compact length of the webinar can easily be scheduled to fit the work day. The Interactive nature continually reinforces the importance and relevance of GCP through polls, chats and calls to action. Keyboard and mouse controls are transferred from presenter to participant placing the participant at the heart of the webinar. Participants are not merely listening passively. They can question, clarify and drill down any aspect sparking new ideas, discussions and driving future action. Overall one of the most innovative, dynamic, and enjoyable GCP sessions in which I have participated.

Sally Humphreys, Research Sister, West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
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