IAOCR provides accreditation, consultancy and independently accredited training for clinical research professionals.
To help organisations verify the competence of their workforce.
IAOCR Releases Global Clinical Research Competency Frameworks

IAOCR is delighted to announce the release of Global Clinical Research Competency Frameworks for four key clinical research roles.  We would also like to say a huge thank you to the 21 individuals from various organisations around the world that gave their time and expertise to contribute to this important initiative.  Complete the form on our Resource Centre to order your free copies.

European Working Party for Mandatory Accreditation

The first meeting of the European Working Party for Mandatory Accreditation of Clinical Research Professionals took place on 12 January 2015.  The working party, made up of 12 members from a variety of leading clinical research organisations, will produce a report which will be delivered to industry regulators and leading associations.  The report will also be presented at the Industry Leaders Think Tanks in London and Washington in June this year.

IAOCR Team Expansion

Welcome Jane Gulmez!  Jane joined us on a short-term contract in 2014 and did a fabulous job – she has recently become a permanent member of the Sales and Marketing Team.

Welcome to our US trainers who completed the Clinical Research Trainer Accreditation Programme at ACRP’s offices last summer.  We will shortly have TIACR Certified Trainers in the USA.

Due to growth, we are currently recruiting for two new members of staff:  Office Junior / Database Manager and a Clinical Research Trainer.  Please contact us for further details.

What Makes a Successful Partnership?

Clinical research is a sector where working in partnership is a commonplace, and often essential, practice for the successful conduct of a clinical study.  The relationship may happen on a micro or macro level.  Download our Exec VP’s article for the Feb edition of ACRP’s “Clinical Researcher” from our media centre.

IAOCR provides independently recognised, competence-based accreditation, consultancy and accredited training for clinical research professionals. This helps organisations to verify the competence of their workforce.

A competent workforce enables organisations to conduct clinical trials efficiently and effectively thus reducing risks, reducing costs, saving time and helping to bring new treatments to market quicker.

Accreditation provides a number of benefits to organisations:


  • Reduces risks to patients, trial timelines & trial completion rates
  • Reduces error rates, enabling cost reduction and preventing delays
  • Ensures a global standard for staff competence, providing consistency of quality

HR / Employee Development

  • Supports employee engagement and retention
  • Demonstrates employer commitment to meaningful employee development – aids “employer of choice” status
  • Provides a stepping stone to postgraduate qualifications

Grow Profitability

  • Accelerates new treatments to market to grow competitive advantage
  • Provides verification of competence - reassuring trial sponsors
  • Reduces trial costs and increases profitability

Corporate Responsibility

  • Reassures clinical trial subjects, enabling improved recruitment rates
  • Supports market perception

Accreditation helps to ensure that GCP is adhered to and that patients’ rights and wellbeing are upheld.

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